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2014 Schedule
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Please note this page still being updated for 2011

02/19/11 - All sections of the page have been updated expect for the payouts table which shows last year's payouts as we are in the process of finalizing sponsorship at the moment.

Season 13 for Corvettes Begins March 19, 2011 at Raceway Park

2011 is the 13th season for the East Coast Supercharging Corvette Challenge presented by Yank Racing Converters. Starting with few cars on Friday nights in 1999 has grown to the biggest model specific race series at Raceway Park. The Corvette Challenge returns with no change for the bracket racing class and 11 dates for our 2 Index classes, 11.50 and 10.50. We start the season with our annual non-points warm-up race open to all classes. It is followed with the 10-race points series. Again our 1st and 2nd points position drivers the weekend before the NHRA Division 1 bracket finals will be invited to represent Raceway Park in the NHRA Division 1 bracket finals. The season finale will be the 2011 Top 16 Gamblers Invitational for $1,000 to win. The series continues as an optional point series where drivers can chose to sign up with Raceway Park to earn points toward a championship, rookie of the year title for Corvette rookies and year-end points payout for the top performers. Corvette Challenge event payouts go down to the quarter-finalists in addition to the winner, runner-up and semi-finalists.

Basic Safety Rules

The series will be run under the rules and guidelines set forth by Raceway Park and the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). The Raceway Park rules for drag racing can be found at

A helmet must be worn by all racers.  If you do not own one, you can rent one at the track for small fee and your license will be held until return of the helmet.  Optionally you can purchase a helmet at the track. Drivers must wear long pants and a shirt with sleeves (except where a fire jacket is required) when on the track.  During the hot summer days many of us just wear shorts under long pants and take off the pants between runs.  Cars running faster than 11.50 seconds will require a rollbar and the driver to wear fire jacket.  Convertibles must have a rollbar if they run quicker than 13.50 seconds.  (However if the convertible has a hardtop, it can run up to 11.50 without a rollbar.  If you have a convertible, check out the hardtops from Smooth Line or Caravaggio.  Additionally, if your car is required to have a rollbar, it is also required for the driver to wear a 3" wide 5-point safety harness.   NHRA and Raceway Park also require any drivers with a power adder that did not come stock on the car to wear a fire jacket regardless of elapsed time run. Keep in mind, we are a group of Corvette owners having fun and the track has the right to impose any rule for the safety of the participants.  This paragraph is not intended to be a complete rules list but a guideline for those that are unfamiliar with drag racing rules.  In addition, rules can be read on the race track web page at the link provided Raceway Park Drag Racing Rules.

2011 Race Schedule
E1March 19, 2011N
E2March 26, 2011
E3April 9, 2011
E4May 21, 2011
E5August 20, 2011
E6August 20, 2011
E7October 22, 2011
E8October 22, 2011
E9November 5, 2011
E10November 5, 2011
englishtown weather
N = NON-points
16 = Top16

2011 Points information

The 2011 East Coast Supercharging Challenge, Cartek Performance Engineering Pro 10.50 Index and Anger Management Racing Pro 11.50 Index class points will be officially kept by Raceway Park and will also appear on this website.  You MUST sign up for points if you wish to compete for the Championship.  You do not have to sign up for points to participate but you do have to sign up for points to be eligible for POINTS prizes.  The 2011 East Coast Supercharging Corvette Challenge presented by Yank Racing Converters is a part of the Raceway Park Sunoco Saturday Points Series.

Points are earned only for the class in which you compete. Any driver can chose to sign up for any and all classes (Corvette Challenge or any of three "Pro" classes), separately. If you plan on competing in the Raceway Park Points Series for 2011 the points will be as follows;

Please Note, this points system only applies to the Corvette Challenge (Bracket) series only. Pro 10.50 Index and Pro 11.50 Index have a different points system.

  1. Sign up for points by first round on the first points day and receive 1 bonus point.
  2. By staging your car in the first round of eliminations, you will receive 1 stage point.
  3. 1 point for each round won during eliminations.
  4. Tie breaker positions are as follows
    1. Number of elimination wins
    2. The rating point system will be in effect at the end of our fifth race on our schedule. 
      Each driver will be rated according to his/her position in the standings. The rating system will begin after competition of the fifth points day. The rating will be as follows: If a racer is in first place, one rating point will be awarded; second place will receive two rating points, third place will receive three rating points, etc. If two or more racers are tied with the same amount of points for any position, they will each receive the same amount of rating points i.e. tied for fifth each racer gets five rating points. After the sixth points day, the rating numbers will be increased based upon what place the racer is in. This will continue through the end of the points series. On the last points day, if a racer is in seventh place and earns enough points on that day to move him/her into a tie for third place, the racer with the lower rating points will finish the year in third place and the higher rating points racer will be fourth.
    3. If a tie still exists, higher position oil be determined by better 1st round reaction time if there is a tie
    4. Ties that need to be run off will be done so on the last day of points. If a tie is for position only a coin toss will be done.

Raceway Park is the official keeper of points. On the Saturday after a race, we will post preliminary point standings on this website. Complete and official points will be posted here after Raceway Park posts them on Tuesday following a race. Power points will not be updated until Tuesday. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure points are calculated correctly. Discrepancies must be reported to Raceway Park before the next race's points are calculated in order to get credit for the points

2011 Raceway Park Points/Permanent Number Renewal Form
Points signup logoTo sign up for points for the 2011 season, click on the image link, print and fill out the forma and send it in to Raceway Park or contact Raceway Park at 732.446.7800 or at

Please Note: If you are signing up for points, the number is free so you only need to send in your points sign up fee.

Old Bridge Township Raceway Park is once again offering racers a $5.00 per category discount to all racers who sign up prior to February 4, 2011. Example: Instead of paying $40.00 to compete in Corvette Challenge, you will only need to pay $35.00. You get the discount on every class you sign up for.

1st Round Trophy Upgrade Program Continues for 2011

This successful program is once again returning to the Corvette Challenge for its seventh year. If you participated in the Corvette Challenges the first 3 years and won a 1st round race you will have received a trophy. You received a similar trophy for every event in which you won 1st round. A driver having won 1st round several times in those 3 years would have accumulated many very similar trophies. This sparked a new program at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, Englishtown, NJ specifically for the East Coast Supercharging Corvette Challenge beginning with the 2003 season. It is the 1st Round Trophy Upgrade Program.

Drivers who are signed up for the points championship can opt to not take a 1st round trophy after winning 1st round and instead receive a 1st round win credit. At the end of the season, the total number of credits, or 1st round wins, will determine the size and type of trophy you will receive. This upgraded trophy will be awarded to the driver at the Corvette Challenge Awards Banquet at the end of the season (if you cannot attend the banquet, the trophy can be picked up at the track after the banquet). You can still stop in the trophy room to get a win sticker and report you would like a credit for the trophy.

This program saves space on the trophy shelf and gives us the opportunity to reward each driver's annual performance with an improved upgraded trophy. This is an optional program. Once you have elected to take part in the upgrade program, please do not take a 1st round trophy at any of the events. -->

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