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Today is Wednesday March 21, 2018      
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2014 Schedule
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Cavanagh Moves Into Point Lead With Race 8 Win

by Steve Wells

Qualifiers - Cartek Performance Engineering
Pro 10.50 Index presented by J&M Motorsports
1  Shawn Cavanagh 10.531 132.7
2  Edgar Perez 10.557 122.7
3  Stephen Wells 10.561 129.85
4  Tommy Michalkowski 10.620 111.01
5  Chris Young 10.635 130.4
6  Tom Sabolevsky 10.653 131.16
7  Marshall Brown 10.673 129.48
08/21/10 - Englishtown, NJ - The weather was nice, a bright sunny day. This was our eighth race of the season and the seventh point race of the season in the Cartek Pro 10.50 Index.


This week the number of Cartek Performance Engineering sponsored 10.50 racers, presented by J & M Motorsports was 7. The qualifying went smoothly and by the end, everyone was on the correct side of the Index. Edgar Perez and the Red Sled, with his NA 427 built by the Vette Doctors would run under on his first attempt with a 10.487 @ 125.71 mph. Marshal Brown, competing for the second time ran a 10.709 @ 125.09 in his N2O sniffing, '04 Black 383 stroker powered C5. Thomas Sabolevsky with his Silver, Procharged 346 made it to the first qualifier, (for a change), and ran a 10.679 @ 129.50. Tommy Michalkowski, in his APS twin turbocharged, Silver, automatic C5, built by Anger Management Racing, would run a 10.620 @ 111.01 mph. Stephen Wells, driving his Electron Blue ZO6, racing NA with his nitrous equipped 427 built by Cartek Performance Engineering, would run a 10.561 @ 129.85. Finally, Shawn Cavanagh and his Paxton supercharged, automatic, Spiral Grey C5 built by East Coast Supercharging ran a 10.531 @ 132.70. This run would ultimately hold up as #1 Qualifier.

In the second round of qualifying, Brown would improve to a 10.673 @ 129.48 bringing him in at #7. Sabolevsky would improve to a 10.653 @ 131.16 making him #6. Chris Young made his big return this season and was trash talking all the way from NY. Young didn't make the first round of qualifying due to not getting expired safety harnesses replaced in time for the call but he did for the second round of qualifying. On his first and only attempt Young shook out the cobwebs on his Blueberry C4 automatic and ran an impressive 10.635 @ 130.40 placing him at #5. (Nice to have you back kid) Michalkowski would stick with his 10.620 placing him at #4. Wells would not improve on his 10.561 bringing him in at #3. Perez would improve to a 10.557 @ 122.70, just eclipsing Wells by .004 for the #2 position. Cavanagh would not improve on his 10.531, but he didn't have to, as he held the #1 position

Runner Up Group Winner
Runner-up Edgar Perez Alina Perez, Edgar Perez and Shawn Cavanagh Winner Shawn Cavanagh
Photos by Vivian Harris. For over 7,000 Corvette Photos, click here.

Round 1

The first pair would be Wells (3) vs. Sabolevsky (6). Sabolevsky had the advantage at the light .019 to .067, but bogged and couldn't run the Index with an 11.050 @ 130.30, the winner, Wells ran 10.844 @ 110.01 on the brakes. The second pairing would be Michalkowski (4) vs. Brown (7). Michalkowski crushed Brown at the tree, .083 to .523. This gave Michalkowski a huge advantage and the win with a 10.809 @ 107.17 to Brown's 10.600 @ 129.24. The third "pair" would be Cavanagh (1) who earned a bye run. Cavanagh ran a 10.605 @ at 134.50. His light….017, look for more of these in the future. The fourth pair would be a nice match up, as the internet hype preceding it was entertaining to say the least. Essentially, Young was saying he was going to come into the class cold and clean everyone's clock. Perez argued otherwise. It was by chance that these two even met up. Nevertheless, it was not to be, as Young thought he hurt his motor in the previous pass. He had removed the valve covers and other things searching for the problem prior to round 1 and didn't make the call. Another way to put it was that he was "scurred" to race The Red Sled. Upon further inspection, however, everyone was relieved that the noise that was heard came from a few loose header bolts and the Blueberry was fine and would live to race another day. Perez took a competition single cutting a .176 light and running 10.550 @ 126.54.

2010 Race 8 Ladder

Round 2 - Semi-Final

The first pair in round two would be Déjà Vu. It was Perez vs. Michalkowski with the same results, in the same manner as the previous race on Aug 14th. Michalkowski went red with a -.029 to Perez's .099 light. Michalkowski ran a 10.128 @ 136.18 (High MPH of the event). Perez ran a 10.653 @ 126.51. Michalkowski just can't get a break when he races Perez! The second pair would be Wells vs. Cavanagh. Both cars C5's, both cars automatics, both cars capable of running the number for sure (or so we thought). This was Wells first race back with the ZO6 since hurting the motor two races ago. Wells would cut a near perfect .001 light to Cavanagh's respectable .063. It would all be for nothing, as Wells spun just enough that he couldn't hit the 10.50 Index or get close enough to push Cavanagh out. Cavanagh nosed Wells with a 10.522 @ 125.47 to Wells 10.612 @ 130.54. Wells just can't get a break when he races Cavanagh! This was closest race of the day thus far with a margin of .0283 in Cavanagh's favor. You would think Wells and Michalkowski should race so luck would change for one of these racers.

Round 3 - Final

It was Cavanagh vs. Perez, both racers familiar with the final round with Perez in his fourth consecutive and Cavanagh in his fourth of the season (including the non-points race). The pressure was on both drivers with each knowing the winner would leave with the points lead. Cavanagh won the battle at the starting line and the stripe, as he took the win with a .018 light, running 10.751 @ 127.21 nosing the Red Sled. Perez spun again at the hit and could only muster an 10.719 @ 129.74 with a fair .071 light. This was the closest margin of the day with Cavanagh the victor by .0213. Congratulations to Shawn Cavanagh for being the first driver in the 10.50 Index to Qualify #1 and Win the Race earning him 5 bonus points for doing so!

This Pro 10.5 racing is tight. The top four drivers are separated by two rounds (40 pts) of competition. With Well's car being back in action and Perez being in every final round since he got the Red Sled back things are as hot as ever! See you all on October 16th.

Rumor Mill: Rumor has it, a frustrated Edgar Perez, tired of spinning off the line, has abandoned his MT Drag Radials for MT ET Streets. So look out for a more consistent Red Sled if Edgar's move works for his combination. Steve Wells who has lost his share of races due to wheel spin also is rumored to be going in the opposite direction as Perez. Rumor has it that Wells, a veteran Drag Radial racer is going to switch from MT ET Streets to a unknown Drag Radial.

You read it here first!

APB: As Edgar Perez climbs up the ladder ever so steadily… Racers beware, with Wells and Perez changing their programs toward the end of the season, does this spell doom for the competition? -Or- Does this spell opportunity for others? This author knows it is usually not a good idea to change your combination mid-season, especially when you are doing well. Time will tell if their changes will be the right move?

Awards and Payouts Today

  • Winner Shawn Cavanagh earned a payout of $150 in addition to the winner trophy
  • Runner-up Edgar Perez earned a payout of $100 in addition to the runner-up trophy
  • Number 1 Qualifier Shawn Cavanagh received a plaque for his 10.531 @ 132.70 qualifying run
  • Shawn Cavanagh received the Best Reaction Time plaque for the best winning reaction time in the first round at .017

2010 Points Standings

Shawn Cavanagh returns to the point lead with his win today. He held the point for one race after Race 5. He becomes the first in the class to pick up the 5-point bonus for taking the win from the number 1 qualifying position. He now holds a 462-437 point lead over Stephen Wells. With his fourth final round appearance in a row, Edgar Perez moves into the third position in the standings trailing Wells by 9 points with 428 total points. Tommy Michalkowski falls to fourth place with 422 points points. Amazingly any one of the these four drivers can come out of the next race in the point lead as they are only separated by 40 or the equivalent of two rounds of competition in a class that has gone three rounds at every race this year. Rob Zona, who did not make today's race, remains in the fifth spot with 268 points. Tom Sabolevsky, who holds sixth place, gained some ground on the absent Zona and is just 40 back of him at 228.

Rank Name R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 Wins Rounds Avg Qual
1. Shawn Cavanagh 0 38 114 208 265 301 359 462 539 634 668 3 15 10.600 
2. Stephen Wells 0 97 155 193 251 348 381 437 475 513 616 3 12 10.636 
3. Tommy Michalkowski 0 56 151 226 260 314 367 422 515 548 602 2 13 10.889 
4. Edgar Perez 0 34 67 101 176 254 351 428 464 538 538 1 11 11.394 
5. Rob Zona 0 75 132 168 201 234 268 268 321 321 321 0 4 10.986 
6. Tom Sabolevsky 0 34 68 125 159 159 194 228 228 282 282 0 2 10.781 
7. Marc Scharago 0 0 34 34 34 68 68 68 103 113 113 0 0 10.920 
8. Alan Eckert 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0  
9. Michael Calicchia 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0  

Next Two Races

The series takes a rather large break after today's race and returns to action on October 16,2010. After the that race, we return to the track two weeks later on October 30th. These will be our 8th and 9th points races of the season For more information about the schedule visit You can discuss the series on , the Drag Racing section of The Corvette Forum where you can find news, updates and polls.

Visit the Drag Schedule at to view Raceway Park's schedule for other events and days for test and tuning.

As always, we couldn't enjoy our passion for racing without the tireless efforts of our coordinators - Edgar Perez, Bob Trieschmann and Dennis Kazimir. We'd be reduced to time shots only without our sponsors - many thanks for the continued support of our sponsors;

Pro 10.50 Index - Cartek Performance Engineering | J&M Motorsports | Spectrum Equipment Service | Best Western, East Brunswick, NJ | Thrust Performance .

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