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Today is Wednesday March 21, 2018      
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Rob Farley Wins Race 4 & Captures His Second Anger Management Racing Pro 11.50 Championship Title

by Rob Farley

Qualifiers - Anger Management Racing Pro 11.50 Index presented by Russ DeLibero-Emerald Financial Resources
1  Rob Farley 11.506 117.1
2  Marc Hinkes 11.512 120.93
3  Ellis Gray 11.547 118.5
4  Tommy Michalkowski 11.567 123.84
5  Dave Romancheck 11.572 119.37
6  Gary Hurta 11.577 111.86
7  Edgar Perez 11.586 117.61
8  Kyle Surgent 11.588 128.14
9  Jerry Muniz 11.603 114.54
10  Ron Leader 11.693 123.08
11  Gene Paterno 11.715 99.74
12  Rich Shuleski 11.741 122.21
13  Chris Coriell 11.816 119.78
14  Paul Thompson 11.863 79.64
15  Paul Bogdan 11.961 115.05
16  Gary Hillen 11.976 114.43
17  Joe Donnelly 13.467 107.73
18  Anthony Cupolo 11.423 110.8
11/21/09 - Englishtown, NJ - The fourth and final event for 2009 of the Anger Management Racing Pro 11.50 Index presented by Russ DeLibero-Emerald Financial Resources had the top three racers able to take the Championship. Rob Farley came into today's event with 242 points holding first place with only a 37 point lead over Shawn Cavanagh. In third place was Jerry Muniz with 199 points. After the second qualifying round, Shawn Cavanagh was a no show. Shawn had a wedding to attend on this day. This was good news to Jerry and Rob. With Jerry only 43 points behind Rob, his plan was to have Farley go out first round and for him to move forward to secure his first Championship. The last event for the 2009 season had eighteen drivers come out to battle it out on the 1320. Today's drivers were being cautious not to run under the index when qualifying due to the cool crisp November weather. Half of today's field qualified in the 11.50's. Most of the 18 also ran in the Corvette Challenge class which will be covered in a separate article.

For today's Corvette Challenge bracket results click here.


Drivers took two qualifying passes and at the top of the class at the end of it all, Rob Farley held the spot with an 11.506 in his 1998 Indy Pace Convertible with 346 naturally aspirated heads/cam car prepped by East Coast Supercharging. He was followed by Marc Hinkes in his all motor 2006 Yellow Coupe prepped by Cartek Performance Engineering with an 11.512 @ 120.93. In the third qualifying position was Ellis Gray who ran under the index in his first pass but was in with an 11.547 @ 118.50. Tommy Michalkowski, fighting a stiff neck was in the fourth spot in the turbocharged C5 built by Anger Management Racing. class sponsor and himself. He was in with an 11.567 @ 123.84. Fifth position went to Dave Romancheck who was in trouble from the start as he forgot the USB cable needed to tune his Anniversary Lemans Blue Corvette that is built by ECS and supercharged. He was able to get a loaner and make the field with an 11.572 @ 119.37. Gary Hurta put his 2009 ZR1 in the sixth position with 11.577 @ 111.86. Edgar Perez, in the Red Sled was seventh with his Vette Doctors tuned 402 cid Corvette with an 11.586 @ 117.61. The eighth driver in the fifties was Kyle Surgent with an 11.588 @ 128.14. The rest of the qualified field was Jerry Muniz, 11.603, Ron Leader, 11.693, Gene Paterno 11.715, Rich Shuleski 11.741, Chris Coriell 11.816, Paul Thompson 11.863, Paul Bogdan 11.961 and Gary Hillen 11.976. Two drivers missed the field and ironically neither driver made the first qualifier. Joe Donnelly was 17th, outside looking in with a 13.467 and Anthony Cupolo was 18th going under the index at 11.423.

Round 1:

Round one had Marc Hinkes (2) waiting in the front of the staging lanes to show everyone that he and his 2006 Yellow Corvette were ready to go rounds. Marc had Ron Leader (10) racing his 2009 ZO6. Off the line first was Ron but Marc was able to drive around him for the win. Marc ran an 11.553@ 110.75 mph to Ron's 11.614@ 125.29 mph. The next pair to the line was Chris Coriell (13) driving his red 2003 ECS prepped Corvette against Dave Romancheck (5). Dave was able to get the win right from the starting line. Chris went -.009 red giving the win to Dave. Dave had a free time shot. Dave ran 11.490@ 119.37 mph. The next driver rolling through the water will make enough smoke so that it is impossible for his opponent to stage and also himself. That would be "Smokin" Ellis Gray (3) racing Gene Paterno (11). Ellis left first with a .100 lead over Gene from the starting line. Ellis crossed the finish line first with an 11.544 @ 116.45 mph to Genes 11.796@ 98.09 mph. The next pair was a battle of the power adders. Thomas Michalkowski (4) was racing his 1999 Black twin turbo. Racing Tom was Rich Shuleski (12) in his Supercharged 2008 Corvette. Whenever Tom leaves the starting line, everyone thinks he will lose the round due to the car coming out soft. Then the turbos start to do their job and then Tom is moving like a rocket. Tom left on the flash of the yellows with a .090 to Rich's .212. Rich was able to drive around Tom on the top end for the win. Rich crossed the beams with an 11.551 @ 116.19 mph to Toms losing 11.713 @ 120.42 mph as the boost gauge was bouncing around on him indicating a problem.

The second half of the field started off with Edgar Perez (7) going up against Paul Bogdan (15). Edgar was out with a .050 to Paul’s sleepy .113. This is a lot of ground for Paul to make up due to his reaction time. Edgar crossed first with an 11.545 @ 118.42 mph to Paul's almost identical ET of 11.540@ 115.83 mph. The next driver to the line has the most liked Corvette at Raceway Park. That would be Gary Hurta (6) driving his 2009 ZR1. Gary will be racing Paul Thompson (14) in his 1985 Corvette from Massachusetts. Paul was off the line first with a .201 to Gary’s .301. Paul reached the stripe first with an 11.836 @ 100.65 mph to Gary’s 11.400@ 112.14 mph. The next two racers came to today's event hoping to for the other to lose early. This was the pair to watch. The next pair was Rob Farley (1) going up against Jerry Muniz (9). The last time they raced each other was in the final of the last race with Muniz getting the win. Both drivers are staged. the tree flashes and Jerry is off first. One slight problem. Jerry left to early with a bright shiny red light. Jerry had a -.013 to Robs .012 green light. Rob used some caution on the top end so he would not run under and lose points. Rob ran an 11.630 @ 98.20 mph to Jerry’s 11.565 @ 120.28 mph. This race pretty much locked up the Championship for Farley as no one can catch him now. The last pair for round one was Gary Hillen (16) and Kyle Surgent (8). Gary was off the line first with a .052 to Kyle’s .789. Kyle poured it on, really poured it to catch Gary. Kyle crossed the beams with a 9.854 @ 145.30 mph to Gary's winning 12.645@ 80.70 mph. It is fair to say given Kyle's ET he had his sites set on another class he was running today which was the heads-up GM EFI Quick Time 8.

Round 2:

What a surprise to see Marc (2) in the front of the lanes again. Marc was paired with Paul Thompson (14). Paul was out first with a .065 to Marc's .073 reaction time. This was a top-end race with both drivers going under the index. Paul crossed first with a 11.352 @ 109.00 mph with Marc following close behind for the win. Marc crossed the stripe with a 11.386 @ 122.26 mph. The next pair was Gary Hillen (16) and Rich Shuleski (12). Both drivers drilled the tree. This was a double WOW. Rich left first with a .012 to Gary’s .017. Gary never missed a gear while looking over at Rich along side of him. Gary was able to keep ahead of Rich and also was able to cross the finish line for the win. Gary crossed the beams with a 11.773 @ 122.41 mph to Rich's losing 11.955 @ 123.54 mph. The next pair is always on their game and are no strangers to running dead-on passes. Those driver's are Edgar Perez (7) and Ellis Gray (3). This round winner would advance to the semi finals to face off with Rob Farley. The first driver to leave the starting line was Ellis. To bad it was a .001 too early. Ellis was looking to settle a score with Rob from when Rob took out Ellis in the Friday night 11.50 season finale. That fateful final round did determine the Friday Night 11.50 Champion, Farley. With Ellis leaving too early and Edgar on his game with a .023 reaction time, Edgar was .005 from running dead on the index. Edgar crossed the beams with a 11.495 @ 119.06 mph to Ellis following with a 11.541 @ 118.69 mph. The last Corvette to run, Rob Farley (1), had a competition single due to his opponent Dave Romancheck not making the call. With Rob hitting the tree hard, Rob had a -.033 red light and ran it all out to a 11.541 @ 118.19 mph.

Round 3:

We have four drivers in the semi finals that were running low 11.50 all day. This would be the round to watch as all of the driver's are so close to the final round and also it being the last race of the season. The first pair to roll around the wall was Marc Hinkes (2) going up against Gary Hillen (16). Both drivers did their burnouts and staged very cautiously to get that starting line advantage. Now that both drivers are staged, the tree flashed and both drivers hesitated and then took off for their best pass of the day. Marc was out first with a .193 to Gary's .227. If you were watching this round, you would have thought both drivers broke. Both drivers were slowing down as they were approaching the finish line. The win went to Marc with him going to the final. Marc crossed the finish line with a 11.555 @ 107.68 mph to Gary’s breaking out 11.362 @ 103.67 mph. The next pair to the starting line is two racers that travel the country to race in the NMCA 11.50 Index. The crowd favorite to win this round was Edgar Perez (7), but Rob Farley had his kids in the stands blowing him kisses every time he went down the track. Edgar and Rob know that they will need to have superior reaction times to advance to the final round. Both drivers staged deep and were sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for the flash of the tree. The tree flashed yellow and Edgar was out with a .088 to Robs quicker .030. You never want to give a starting line advantage to Rob as he will use that to his advantage on the top end. As both driver's were approaching the 1320 stripe, they were looking at each other wondering who was going to hit the brakes first. The first person to tap the brakes was Rob to tighten up the distance between the two of them. Rob crossed first with a 11.465 @ 118.52 mph to Edgar’s 11.411 @ 119.21 mph. Farley took a penalty for breaking out while Perez did not as he is not a points racer in the class. This was the second race in row Rob takes a penalty.

Round 4: Final Round

This would be the first time that Marc Hinkes (2) has been in the final round. This is also the first time in the history of this class were we had the number 1 qualifier and the number 2 qualifier in the final. After each driver did his burnout, Marc rolled up to the beams in the right lane and Rob staged in the left lane. While Marc was staging, his Corvette lunged forward and he was not able to back it up in time before the tree flashed. Marc was disqualified and Rob made a full pass crossing the beams at 11.515 @ 118.57 mph. Congrats to Marc for his great reaction times and for running so consistent. A huge congrats to Rob Farley for winning his second Pro 11.50 series. Rob would like to thank East Coast Supercharging, American Racing Headers,, Dr. DeLuca Family Chiropractic Care, New York Speed & Machine and to his children Robbie, Katelyn and his wife Linda for cheering him on throughout the day. Rob Farley was not only the winner of this event but the number qualifier, the best reaction time in round one and also is the 2009 Champion.

Awards and Payouts Today

  • Winner Rob Farley earned a payout of $160 in addition to the winner trophy
  • Runner-up Marc Hinkes earned a payout of $80 in addition to the runner-up trophy
  • Semi-Finalists Edgar Perez and Gary Hillen each received $40
  • Number 1 Qualifier Rob Farley received a plaque for his 11.506 qualifying run
  • Rob Farley received the Best Reaction Time plaque for the best winning reaction time in the first round at .012

2009 Race 4 Ladder

2009 Final Points Standings

Rob Farley came into the final race with the points lead and clinched his second consecutive 11.50 Index Championship when he defeated Jerry Muniz in round 1. He wins the title with 340 total points, 2 race wins, 1 runner-up finish and 12 round wins. One of the four races we had this year was an 1/8 race but in the three that were full quarter, Rob had and average 11.53 qualifying ET and 4.75 average qualifying position in the four. Jerry Muniz finishes in second place for the season with a total of 231 points, 1 event win and 6 round wins. Each of these drivers earns a trophy and team jacket to be awarded at the banquet on January 30, 2010. Rich Shuleski finished third overall with 216 points with 4 round wins. Shawn Cavanagh could not make the last race and came in second and fell to fourth for the season 205 points, 1 event win and 6 round wins. Our top five is rounded out with Paul Bogdan who finishes with 198 points and 5 round wins. Congratulations to all the drivers who participated in the points chase for 2009, 15 in total. We had a total of 29 drivers participate in 2009 including non-points racers and it would be great to see more in 2010.

2009 Season Banquet

You are all welcome to come celebrate the season and recognize our class Champions and top performers at our annual banquet. The banquet will again be held at the Crown Plaza in Monroe. To purchase tickets contact Edgar Perez for a paypal address or snail mail address to mail a check. We must have a final head count a week before the banquet. The important information is below.
  • Saturday, January 30, 2010
  • 6 to 11 PM
  • Crowne Plaza - Monroe
  • 390 Fosgate Drive
  • Monroe Township, NJ 08831
  • 609 655 4775
  • Cost is $45 per individual payable to Edgar Perez (email or PM me for address). Food will be similar to last year.
  • A cash bar will be open for those who wish to buy me a drink ;)
  • I have negotiated a block of 10 rooms at a rate of $80 for the night. I can get more if we use them all. You must call guarantee a room. The group name to use when calling is "Raceway Park-Corvette Challenge".
All year-end payouts, jackets, trophies (including first round upgrade trophies for our bracket class) and awards will be given out at the banquet. We will again feature door prizes, raffles, giveaways and the ever popular auction. If you wish to donate items for the banquet, and thank you for those who have already, please contact Edgar Perez.

Rank Name R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Wins Rounds Avg Qual
1. Rob Farley 113 209 242 340   2 12 11.530
2. Jerry Muniz 11 128 199 231   1 6 11.594
3. Rich Shuleski 32 107 164 216   0 4 11.599
4. Shawn Cavanagh 37 89 205 205   1 6 11.567
5. Paul Bogdan 78 92 167 198   0 5 11.689
6. Ellis Gray 32 70 128 184   0 3 11.517
7. Shay LaScalla 33 65 139 139   0 5 11.636
8. Eric Fischer 74 106 138 138   0 2 11.686
9. Gary Hillen 12 43 77 128   0 2 11.814
10. Tommy Michalkowski 31 62 72 107   0 1 11.794
11. Robert Zona 10 64 74 74   0 1 11.552
12. Bill Fischer 36 69 69 69   0 1 11.572
13. Anthony Cupolo 0 0 32 42   0 0 11.649
14. Gene Paterno 0 0 0 32   0 0 11.715

Next Race

As the season has come to a close we must now wait for next year to get to the racing the 11.50 index again. We expect the class to grow in 2010 with new entries, winners and yet another target on two-time Champion Rob Farley's back. Please keep an eye out on our home page, and the , the Drag Racing section of The Corvette Forum and your email for news, updates and polls.

Visit the Drag Schedule at to view Raceway Park's schedule for other events and days for test and tuning.

As always, we couldn't enjoy our passion for racing without the tireless efforts of our coordinators - Edgar Perez, Bob Trieschmann, Dennis Kazimir and Rob Farley. We'd be reduced to time shots only without our sponsors - many thanks for the continued support of

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