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Today is Wednesday March 21, 2018      
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Shawn Cavanagh Becomes Fourth Different Winner in Race 3

by Rob Farley

Qualifiers - Anger Management Racing Pro 11.50 Index presented by Russ DeLibero-Emerald Financial Resources
1  Ellis Gray 11.505 119.44
2  Rich Shuleski 11.512 118.56
3  Shawn Cavanagh 11.532 110.86
4  Paul Bogdan 11.546 114.75
5  Gary Hillen 11.564 126.01
6  Shay LaScalla 11.567 122.2
7  Rob Farley 11.577 112.08
8  Rob Petyo 11.583 95.13
9  Eric Fischer 11.602 115.87
10  Edgar Perez 11.641 115.01
11  Ron Leader 11.647 122.2
12  Anthony Cupolo 11.649 112.52
13  Jerry Muniz 11.672 112.94
14  Chris Coriell 11.727 121.41
15  Jonathan Avellino 11.884 126.38
16  Gary Hurta 11.950 123.76
17  Tommy Michalkowski 12.000 107.28
18  David Tortolani 11.165 120.38
18  Robert Zona 0.000 0
07/11/09 - Englishtown, NJ - Race number three of the Anger Management Racing Pro 11.5 Index presented by Russ DeLibero-Emerald Financial Resources took place on July 11 with some movement in point's for some racer's. Today's event had 19 drivers come out to battle it out in the points race. The racer's are only separated by a small amount of points. The title can be won by any of the top four drivers. Today was a beautiful day with the temperature in the mid 80's. So far this season we have had great weather when it is not raining. We had half the field qualify in the 11.5's. Those 8 fall one short of the overall record 9 set 2008 Race 4. The number one qualifier was Ellis Gray with an 11.505. Second time this season Ellis qualifies dead-on. The number two qualifier was Rich Shuleski with an 11.512 with Shawn Cavanagh in third with an 11.532. With the series in the second season, there are more driver's qualifying in the 11.5's at each race. This is a clear indication that the drivers are taking this class very serious and out there to win. Tommy Michalkowski, Dave Tortolani and Rob Zona did not qualify for the field of 16.

For today's Corvette Challenge bracket results click here.

Round 1:

The first driver to come around the wall was the driver that everyone has been fearing since the season started. With her outstanding reaction times and her near dead on passes, Shay LaScalla (6) was ready to put up a fight to make it to the finals in today's event. Racing Shay was Chris Coriell (14) in his race-prepped Red 2003 coupe. Both drivers staged deep and the tree flashed, Shay had a small head start with her .079 reaction time to Chris's .112. Crossing the stripe first was Shay with an 11.502 @ 122.19 mph with Chris crossing at 11.795 @ 122.03 mph. The number two qualifier Rich Shuleski (2), in his 1996 Grand Sport, was racing Edgar Perez (10). Yes, I said Edgar. Edgar was trying his luck in the Pro 11.50 today. Rich left first with Edgar chasing down Rich. Rich crossed first with an 11.515 @ 119.23 mph to Edgar's losing 11.309 @ 123.91 mph. An indicator there was a problem this round was when both drivers were not allowed to go deep and scored horrendous reaction times over .500! Next to the line was the number two qualifier Shawn Cavanagh (2) going up against Ron Leader in his 2009 ZO6. Off the line was Shawn with a .082 to Ron's .126 reaction time. Shawn hit the brakes to cross with a winning 11.521 @ 113.91 mph to Ron's 11.577 @121.67 mph. The next Corvette to the line was Paul Bogdan (4) driving his 1997 home built Corvette. Racing Paul was Anthony Cupolo (12) in his 1975 project 11.50 Corvette. Paul left first leaving a huge gap between himself and Anthony. First to cross was Paul with a 11.905 @ 101.57 mph to Anthony's 11.701 @ 111.99 mph.

Runner Up Group Winner
Runner-up Paul Bogdan Russ DeLibero, AMR's Tommy Michalkowski, Rob Farley, Bob Trieschmann, (kneeling) Edgar Perez, Runner-up Paul Bogdan, Winner Shawn Cavanagh Winner Shawn Cavanagh
Photos by Artie Chin. For over 7000 Corvette Photos, click here.

The next pair to the line is our points leader Rob Farley (7) racing Jonathan Avellino (15) in his twin turbo charged 2004 Corvette. Rob left the line with a .152 reaction time to Jonathan's slightly late .619. Rob was able to cross first without breaking out at 11.804 @ 87.87 mph to Jonathan's 11.732 @ 127.86 mph. The number one qualifier Ellis Gray (1) was at the line racing Eric Fischer (9) in his limited edition 2001 "Mean Green" Corvette. Ellis was out first with Eric leaving a little late on the tree. Eric was not able to get his vehicle staged deep before the tree flashed. This was human error and has been corrected; hopefully it will not happen again. Ellis crossed first for the win and to move onto round number two. The next two drivers to battle it out on the 1320 were Rob Petyo (8) racing Gary Hurta (16). Rob was able to leave the starting line first with a .390 to Gary's .461. Both racer's broke out while trying to cross first. This was a photo finish. Rob crossed with a 11.464 @ 98.98 with Gary crossing at 11.458 @ 122.50 mph. The last two driver's to complete round one of eliminations was worth the wait. The previous event winner, Jerry (Boogieman) Muniz (13), was going up against Gary Hillen (5) next. Jerry left the line with an outstanding reaction time. Jerry had a .001 reaction to Gary's .063 reaction time. Jerry was able to cross first with a 11.581 @ 118.23 mph to Gary's 11.646 @ 124.776 mph.

Round 2:

The first driver to the starting line was the same driver that was first to the starting line in round one. This was Shay LaScalla (6) driving her 2007 red Corvette going up against Rich Shuleski (2) in his 1996 Grand Sport. Rich was out first with a red light to Shay's .058 reaction time. Shay ran a 11.536 @ 113.16 mph to Rich's loosing 11.536 @ 118.47 mph. Yes, both driver's had identical ET's. The next driver Shawn Cavanagh (2) has been waiting a long time to win a race against Rob Farley (7). Here is the moment that Shawn will have to beat Rob. Rob was off the line first with a -.008 red light to Shawn's .047. Shawn ran 11.644 @ 111.33 to Rob's loosing 11.492 @ 116.28 mph. This helped to close the gap as Farley picks up a 20 point penalty for going under the index. Mr. 001 AKA Jerry Muniz (13) was at the line racing Ellis Gray (1) who qualified number 1 in qualifying. Jerry was out first with a fender on Ellis. Crossing first was Jerry with a 11.538 @ 119.33 mph to Ellis's 11.506 @ 119.30 mph. The last pair to completed round three were Paul Bogdan (4) and Rob Petyo (8). Paul had a competition single because Petyo did not make it to the lanes in time. He did not hear the call unfortunately. Paul did win as we all knew he was going too. Paul did loose points on this round because he broke out by going 11.285 @ 114.66 mph picking up a 20 point penalty and the bonehead move of the day (editor edit Paul;)).

Round 3:

First to the line again was Shay LaScalla (6) racing Paul Bogdan (4). Shay was out first with a huge lead but Shay went red with a -.053 to Paul's .029. Paul crossed the beams at 11.965 @ 87.32 mph and Shay crossed with a 11.689 @ 106.72 mph. The last pair was Shawn Cavanagh (3) racing Jerry Muniz (13). Jerry rolled through the beams and was not able to back up in time to restage. The tree flashed and Jerry was considered going red since he was not staged. Shawn was able to leave the line after watching everything with a 1.211 reaction time. Shawn crossed the finish line with a 11.553 @ 107.27 mph.

Round 4: Final Round

The final had the good friends racing each other. The final had Shawn Cavanagh (3) racing Paul Bogdan (4). Both driver's left the line side by side. Shawn had a .025 reaction time to Paul's .024 reaction time. Crossing first was Shawn with a 11.673 @ 109.65 mph to Paul's 11.750 @ 109.44 mph. Cavanagh becomes the fourth different racer to win in the Pro 11.50 class in its young 8 race history joining Rob Farley, John Panuzzo and Jerry Muniz as race winners.

Awards and Payouts Today

  • Winner Shawn Cavanagh earned a payout of $160 in addition to the winner trophy
  • Runner-up Paul Bogdan earned a payout of $80 in addition to the runner-up trophy
  • Semi-Finalists Shay LaScalla and Jerry Muniz each received $40
  • Number 1 Qualifier Ellis Gray received a plaque for his 11.505 qualifying run
  • Paul Bogdan received the Best Reaction Time plaque for the best winning reaction time in the first round at .013

2009 Race 3 Ladder

2009 Points Standings

Tough day for points leader Rob Farley going out in round 2 and with a penalty but he still leaves the points leader. His 242 points for the season is enough for a 37 point lead over race winner Shawn Cavanagh. This is a margin of less than two rounds. Jerry Muniz follows them in third with 199 points total. Paul Bogdan leaves the day in fourth place but with 167 points after picking up a penalty today on a free pass. Rich Shuleski is fifth right behind Bogdan with 164 total for the season.

The win for Cavanagh brought him into second place which means with no more points days for the 11.50 index before the 29th ANNUAL P.C. RICHARD & SON ALL AMERICAN JET CAR NATIONALS at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, Englishtown, NJ. The event will be held on Wednesday night, August 5, 2009, both he and Rob Farley will be getting an invitation to be a part of the show. If you can make it out August 5th, which is a Wednesday night, come on out for a great show which will feature not our Corvettes racing but jet dragsters, monster truck and pro mods. Tickets can be purchased from

Rank Name R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Wins Rounds Avg Qual
1. Rob Farley 113 209 242 340   2 12 11.530
2. Jerry Muniz 11 128 199 231   1 6 11.594
3. Rich Shuleski 32 107 164 216   0 4 11.599
4. Shawn Cavanagh 37 89 205 205   1 6 11.567
5. Paul Bogdan 78 92 167 198   0 5 11.689
6. Ellis Gray 32 70 128 184   0 3 11.517
7. Shay LaScalla 33 65 139 139   0 5 11.636
8. Eric Fischer 74 106 138 138   0 2 11.686
9. Gary Hillen 12 43 77 128   0 2 11.814
10. Tommy Michalkowski 31 62 72 107   0 1 11.794
11. Robert Zona 10 64 74 74   0 1 11.552
12. Bill Fischer 36 69 69 69   0 1 11.572
13. Anthony Cupolo 0 0 32 42   0 0 11.649
14. Gene Paterno 0 0 0 32   0 0 11.715

Next Race

The next Pro 11.50 race will be August 22, 2009 with gates opening at 9:30 AM.

Visit the Drag Schedule at to view Raceway Park's schedule for other events and days for test and tuning.

As always, we couldn't enjoy our passion for racing without the tireless efforts of our coordinators - Edgar Perez, Bob Trieschmann, Dennis Kazimir and Rob Farley. We'd be reduced to time shots only without our sponsors - many thanks for the continued support of

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