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Today is Wednesday March 21, 2018      
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David Shen Returns to the Winners Circle in Race 2

by Edgar Perez

Qualifiers - Cartek Performance Engineering Pro 10 Double Index
presented by J&M Motorsports
1  Edgar Perez 10.536 132
2  Shawn Cavanagh 10.542 129.91
3  Tommy Michalkowski 10.546 110.39
4  Jay McCardle, Jr. 10.047 136.98
5  David Shen 10.065 134.11
6  Mark Shaw 10.176 134.67
7  Christopher Young 10.226 135.29
8  David Harris 10.762 133.3
9  Thomas Sabolevsky 13.194 90.1
06/06/09 - Englishtown, NJ - The second race of the 2009 season for the Cartek Performance Engineering Pro 10 Double Index presented by J & M Motorsports brought many of the same participants though car count was down from our previous high of 14 entries. Nine Corvettes made qualifying attempts and all made the field in the 16-car maximum class. Today's field featured four Corvettes in the 10.5 class and five in the 10.0 class but one of them was really a 10.5 car who made his qualifying pass out of the wrong lanes. As a reminder to the drivers, during qualifying we will have two separate staging lanes. One for the 10.50 cars and one for the 10.00 cars. You must make each of your qualifying passes from the correct lane as it can impact you position in the ladder and thus qualifying points. Also please be sure you write the index on the car (I forgot) and also if you are going deep, be sure it is on all four panes of glass. Our race was held today in conjunction with the fifth Corvette Challenge of the season.

For today's Corvette Challenge bracket results click here.


There were eight Corvettes in the staging lanes for the first round of qualifying. There was some confusion as the initial call from the tower was to one lane but this was quickly corrected. The 10.5 cars would be on the track first. In that batch, Edgar Perez took the number one spot with 10.558 @ 121.94 in the Vette Doctors prepped naturally aspirated 402 cid 1999 Torch Red Corvette. David Shen was next with his 1967 Red Corvette with 383 cid motor sporting a new blue bottle in the passenger seat filled with nitrous oxide. The bottle would be used on the last half of the track to ensure he can continue to stay close to his 10.0 index. None of the other drivers were able to get within a tenth except for Chris Young who went too quick in his 1993 Blue Corvette running naturally aspirated. He ran 9.95 and was on the bottom of the ladder.

Several drivers improved their qualifying times in the second round of qualifying. This included the number one qualifier Edgar Perez who improved to 10.536 @ 132.00. This was key as three other drivers went quicker than the previous 10.55 Perez sat at the top with. Shawn Cavanagh was in at number 2 with his supercharged entry built by East Coast Supercharging with a 10.542 @ 129.91. At number three was Anger Management Racing owner, Tommy Michalkowski, in his turbocharged Silver 1997 Corvette. His qualifying time was 10.546 @ 110.39. The first driver in the 10.0 division was the fourth qualified racer, Jay McCardle. He was back at the track after an issue with his methanol injection took him out of his last race. His East Coast Supercharging supercharged Corvette was in with a 10.047 @ 136.98. David Shen improved his first qualifier after resolving an issue with his alternator in the pits. His C2 was in the fifth spot with a 10.065 @ 134.11. He was followed by 2009 Race 1 winner Mark Shaw. Shaw was running his 1970 Corvette, which he also campaigns in the Pro 8 Shootout, on motor alone for this class. He was in the sixth position with a 10.176 @ 134.67. Chris Young, who had gone under in his first pass, spun the tires on this one but was on the positive side of his 10.0 index in the seventh spot with a 10.226 @ 135.29. Car number eight was yet another ECS supercharged entry, this one owned by David Harris. Harris is tweaking the tune on the car with ECS's Doug Ring to find the right spot to get it to run his 10.50 index. He was in the eighth spot today with a 10.762 @ 133.30. Then ninth entry was Tom Sabolevsky, who sponsors our Corvette Challenge Gear Jammers award under the name Spectrum Equipment. His supercharged entry blew the belt and completed his qualifying pass with a 13.194 @ 90.10 as the ninth and final entry.

Today was the first time a 10.50 driver took the number one spot in qualifying. Perez is the tenth different driver in the 17 race history of the Pro 10 Double Index and its pervious version Pro 10.0 to qualify number 1. Incidentally, Sabolevsky did not make the first qualifier and when Perez went to make the manual ladder based on drivers over/under numbers on a driver's index, he was quite surprised and elated to see a ninth entry. The uneven number of cars gave Perez, the birthday boy, a bye run in the first round. Thanks so much Tom! Since the two indexes are mixed some of the pairings would be mixed. With luck of the laddering, the first round would have one bye and 4 mixed pairings which is quite different from the first race this year where all but one pairing were same index.

Runner Up Group Winner
Runner-up Edgar Perez David Shen Sr, David Shen, Edgar Perez, wife Alina, Coordinator Bob Trieschmann Winner David Shen
Photos by Mike Roberts. For over 7,000 Corvette Photos, click here.

Round 1

Shawn Cavanagh (2) faces Mark Shaw (6) first. Shaw, fresh off his win in the last Pro 10 DI gets left on at the tree by Cavanagh who also got the half-second head start being a 10.50 racer. Shawn was .072 green and Mark was .161. Cavanagh crosses first with the Spiral Gray Corvette with a 10.564 @ 123.33. Shaw could not catch him with a 10.218 @ 113.82 and watched Cavanagh's win light come on. The next pair was David Shen (5) and Tom Sabolevsky (9). Easy win for Dave as Tom let him know the car was hurt and could not run anywhere near the number. Shen left soft with a .494 and collected the win with a 10.220 @ 121.56. Chris Young (7) and Tommy Michalkowski (3) were next. Young was sharing his car with his uncle Ralph Savarese who was running it in the bracket race. This put Young in a pickle as he had to make adjustments to the tune between rounds. Tommy would leave first being the 10.50 cars and crushed him on the tree. He laid down a .012 reaction time. Young, normally a good leaver, left half second later with a .156. Tommy saw Chris was not going to catch him so he let off a little to avoid risk of breaking out. However he let up too much and Young drove around him. Young took the win with a 10.141 @ 135.99 to Tommy's 10.803 @ 121.79. Tommy was not happy giving up that stripe. The next pair was Jay McCardle (4) and Dave Harris (8). The two ECS backed Corvettes would line up and Harris would take the tree advantage .168 to .270. Harris left a half-second sooner being a 10.50 racer. Jay reeled him in and tried to keep a fender on him. Harris got the last burst forward and took the stripe and the win. He ran 10.876 @ 130.64 while McCardle, a 10.0 index car, went 10.287 @ 130.81. Edgar Perez sat out the bye run after getting approval from all the participants as he was running three classes today and could really use the he shot video of the first round.

Round 2

Now Cavanagh has a little dilemma on his hands. He has a bye this round and needs to stage the car to get the points for the free pass. His young daughter has her first dance recital and he has to leave and it was looking like it would need to happen before the 2nd round kicked off. That is when the call came for the class. The competitors hustled up to the staging lanes to be able to get the round in quick and Shawn to the recital without too much of an issue. He went out on the track first and made his pass without risking penalty going .198 on the tree and 12.596 @ 123.22 mph. The winner of the next pair, David Shen (5) and Chris Young (7), would get the ladder bye to the final so this race was worth two rounds. Both cars are 10.0 index and would leave at the same time. Shen was out of the hole first with a .053 and Young would trail with a .088. At the top end Young slows down as Shen takes the win with a 10.081 @ 131.99 mph. Young would take the loss with a 10.131 @ 124.30. The winner of the next pair would face Cavanagh who has already left the track so he would get a competition single to the final. David Harris (8) staged and deep staged before Perez (1) can light the prestage lights. Both of these cars are 10.50 cars so they would leave at the same time. After staging the tree flashes and Perez is off with a .095 to .215 advantage. At the top end it did not look like Harris would catch him so Perez blipped the throttle and took the win with a 10.577 @ 120.14. Harris went 10.784 @ 133.10.

Round 3

Oddly enough this round had two singles. Edgar Perez (1) would take the starting line first with his opponent Shawn Cavanagh (2) not making the call. It took a couple tries as after Perez staged the started backed him out of the beams and then had him roll back in. Not really sure why. The whole pass was a waste as the tree is what Perez wanted to hit. So, frustrated, he dogged it off the line with a .198 light and shut it down mid track and coasted to a 12.596 @ 123.22 win. David Shen was up next for the ladder bye since we only had 9 cars. He cuts a .092 tree and runs 10.172 off the bottle on his way to his first final of the season in the class.

2009 Race 2 Ladder

Final Round

Our first race of the season was a mixed index final as is this one. It featured two red Corvettes but only Perez is a common denominator here. After qualifying number 1 today building on his points lead, Perez was leaving with the points lead today no matter what the result of the race. Of course the drivers did not know this at the time. Perez would get the half-second head start being a 10.50 racer. He would jump out front with a .124 light but immediately smokes the tires and the tail of the car starts to go left. In the meantime, Shen was out with a .140 light and now pulling away from Perez. By the time Perez feathered it to straighten out the car, Shen was not catchable. Being a former Champion in this class, Shen was well aware of his lead and slowed it down to not risk a penalty and took the win with 10.184 @ 118.70. Perez finished the pass well behind with an 11.256 @ 124.75. Congratulations to David Shen. He kept focus and made a move in the standings to second place gaining some ground on Perez by taking the win. This is certainly a class Shen enjoys having previously won a championship in 2007, and having 7 career event wins, 1 runner-up and 4 number 1 qualifiers in the 13 races he has attended. Congratulations to Dave and his dad who is with him at every race.

So the second Pro 10 Double Index is in the books and like the mixed index pairings, drivers have mixed feelings about it. The one thing that is evident is that we took a step backwards today with only 9 Corvettes making today's event. Not to editorialize or take away from anyone's performance today, but there are only 5 of these races on the schedule of which only three remain. If this is a class you want to race in, the best way to have your voice heard is to participate in the class. We do appreciate your effort to make these events.

Awards and Payouts Today

  • Winner David Shen earned a payout of $160 in addition to the winner trophy
  • Runner-up Edgar Perez earned a payout of $80 in addition to the runner-up trophy
  • Number 1 Qualifier Edgar Perez received a plaque for his 10.536 qualifying run
  • Shawn Cavanagh received the Best Reaction Time plaque for the best winning reaction time in the first round at .072

2009 Points Standings

After two runner-up performances in a row, Edgar Perez continues to hold the points lead extending it to 21 points. The runner-up and number one qualifying position bring his total to 193. David Shen's event win moves him to the second place in the standings with 172 points. Mark Shaw, who came in second, leaves in third after his first round loss. His total is 126. Shawn Cavanagh missed out on some possible points having to leave but moved up to the fourth position with 111 points. David Harris falls to fifth overall. Remember, these drivers are competing for an opportunity to represent the class at the August 5th All American Jet Car National at Raceway Park. The top 2 points earners at end of the next race, July 25, will be invited by Raceway Park to represent the class and compete in front of thousands of fans. After the race, they get to take in a great show with jet dragsters, monster trucks and more, free!
Rank Name R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Wins Rounds Avg Qual
1. David Shen 58 172 267 341 376 1 10 10.070 
2. Edgar Perez 95 193 249 286 364 0 9 10.556 
3. Shawn Cavanagh 34 111 149 247 283 1 7 10.583 
4. David Harris 56 109 142 176 273 1 6 10.591 
5. Christopher Young 37 90 204 204 204 1 5 10.099 
6. Mark Shaw 92 126 159 159 159 1 4 10.152 
7. Jay McCardle, Jr. 33 68 142 142 142 0 2 10.131 
8. Tommy Michalkowski 0 36 73 73 73 0 0 10.526 
9. Joseph Latona 54 54 54 54 54 0 2 10.632 
10. Thomas Sabolevsky 10 42 42 42 42 0 0 13.194 
11. Robert Zona 32 32 32 32 32 0 0 11.617 
12. Doug Ring 0 0 12 27 27 0 0 13.622 
13. Marc Scharago 11 11 11 11 11 0 0 10.389 

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Pro 11.50 Index - Anger Management Racing | Russ DeLibero Emerald Financial Resources | Wild Rover Racing | DeFelice Chevrolet Parts .

Next Race

July 25, 2009 with gates opening at 9:30 AM. This will be our third points race of the year.

Visit the Drag Schedule at to view Raceway Park's schedule for other events and days for test and tuning.

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