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Today is Wednesday March 21, 2018      
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Mark Shaw Not Mixed Up Winning First Mixed Index Pro 10

by Edgar Perez

Qualifiers - Cartek Performance Engineering Pro 10 Double Index
presented by J&M Motorsports
1  David Shen 10.002 132.09
2  Christopher Young 10.011 136.36
3  David Harris 10.542 126.84
4  Edgar Perez 10.606 109.71
5  Joseph Latona 10.632 125.45
6  Shawn Cavanagh 10.730 109.64
7  Jay McCardle, Jr. 10.246 134.35
8  Michael Conway 10.276 99.44
9  Russ DeLibero 11.429 126.05
10  Robert Zona 11.617 93.56
11  Dave Romancheck 12.434 111.69
12  Mark Shaw 9.896 131.79
13  Marc Scharago 10.389 138.86
14  Thomas Sabolevsky 0.000 0
03/21/09 - Englishtown, NJ - A new era began today for the Cartek Performance Engineering Pro 10 Double Index presented by J & M Motorsports. Formerly a heads-up index set at 10.0 that was showing signs of regression and chock full of cars that could only meet the index by violation of NHRA 135 MPH requirements. After much debate and consideration, we altered to the class to allow for two indexes, 10.0 and 10.50. The index racers would be handicapped a half-second at the start of a race only when the mixed indexes meet otherwise it was heads-up start. There was much concern from the 10.0 racer side but they were willing to give it a try. We finished last year with only 6 entries when it was only a 10.0 index. We opened this year with 14 entries, 5 on the 10.0 variety and 9 of the 10.50 racers. On numbers alone, it was a success! The 14 entries eclipses the record attendance for this class of 13 racers acheived twice in 16 races to date.

For today's Corvette Challenge bracket results click here.


The double index was little confusing getting qualifying startedbut like anything else new the kinks will be worked out as time goes on. Racers in the 10.0 index would qualify together and racers in the 10.50 index would qualify together. The 10.50 racers hit the track first. After they were done at the top of the qualifier order was David Harris who ran his '03 supercharged Corvette to a 10.561 @ 135.66 on 10.50 index; just .061 over. Harris' Corvette is prepped by East Coast Supercharging. He was followed by Joe Latona whose nitrous fed, but barely, '03 Corvette ran 10.632 @ 125.45. Latona is backed by Anger Management Racing. Next was Edgar Perez, in the all motor 402 cid '99 Corvette with a 10.646 @ 111.45 mph. Perez's Corvette is prepped by The Vette Doctors. Then came Rob Zona's all motor 346 cid '03 Z06 prepped by Anger Management with an 11.617 @ @ 93.56 having issues down track. Dave Romancheck followed with an ECS built supercharged '05 Corvette running under the index at 10.387 @ 129.00. The next three drivers ran quicker than the 10.50 index which automatically bumps them to the bottom of the qualifying order. Marc Scharago, also ECS supercharged, ran 10.389 @ 138.86 mph but it came with a blown head gasket and he had to withdraw from the competition. Next was Shawn Cavanagh with another ECS supercharged entry, an '03 Corvette running 10.381 @ 127.80. The final 10.50 entry was Cartek prepped turbocharged entry owned by Russ DeLibero, an '02 Corvette, was in at 10.150 @ 147.73. We then ran the 10.0 cars for their crack at qualifying. Five 10.0 entries attempted qualifying and at the end of the session Michael Conway was on top with a 10.276 @ 99.44. Mike's car is truly an 8.50 Index racer but was mixing it up with us to get some testing in. He was followed by Jay McCardle, another ECS supercharged entry with a 10.515 @ 132.06. Chris Young was next with an all motor '93 Corvette tuned by Paul Thompson with an 11.706 @ 101.99. David Shen, the father and son team with a '65 Corvette, all motor with 383 cid, was in next with a number under the index, 9.905 @ 133.58. Mark Shaw followed with his freshened J&M Motorsports setup running on motor alone for this class, with the help of son Ben in the '70 Corvette, ran under also, 9.841 @ 137.39 with 555 ci motor. Shen and Shaw both ran under the index, placing them at the bottom of the qualifying order. We had a hitch getting the computer setup and Shen and Shaw's numbers were after they had re-run their qualifier. We will work to get this fixed.

For the second round of qualifying, drivers were looking to improve on their qualifying times to garner all important qualifying points. Tom Sabolevsky did not make either qualifying with car trouble and Marc Scharago was out as well so he did no make it back to the track. Once again the 10.50 cars were first on the track. David Harris stayed atop the 10.50 drivers getting closer to his index with a 10.542. Edgar Perez moved up improving his time to 10.606. Shawn Cavanagh got on the positive side of the index with a 10.730 so he moved up. Russ DeLibero, also moved to the positive side though it was an 11.617. Dave Romancheck did the same, moving up with a 12.434. Even though the drivers that were under the first qualifier they moved up when they ran numbers that were further away from the index on a positive side as a positive number is ranked above a negative one so that is why they moved up. The other drivers did not improve. Now the 10.0 drivers hit the track. These guys have been doing it longer so they know what to do as proven by the their improvements. David Shen shot right to the top spot with a dead-on 10.002 run. Chris Young did his best to copy that and moved himself up with a 10.011. Mark Shaw still went under though he did get closer to his index and remained at the bottom. McCardle did not improve and neither did Conway. However, Conway put on a show for us as he let it all hang out and ripped off a an 8.51 pass.

Now comes the hard part. The ladder has to be figured manually in an excel spreadsheet. We use the same spreadsheet used to replicate the ladders for the Corvette Challenge we have done for the past several years. Raceway Park provides me two separate class qualifying sheets, one for 10.0 and one for 10.50. I write down the over/under numbers on the each index for each driver, click the sort button, presto, mixed qualifying. Then I go to a ladder sheet and type in the number of the cars in the Pro 10 Double Index class and presto, ladder with driver number, name and index. Now I have to write the ladder down on paper and then Raceway Park has to type the numbers into the computer. This is a lengthy cumbersome process, but we do it for the love of the class.

Now the final official qualifying for Race 1 of 2009. David Shen (1) 10.001, Chris Young (2) 10.011, David Harris (3) 10.561, Edgar Perez (4) 10.606, Joseph Latona (5) 10.632, Shawn Cavanagh (6), 10.730, Jay McCardle Jr. (7) 10.246, Michael Conway (8), 10.276, Russ DeLibero (9) 11.429, Robert Zona (10) 11.617, Dave Romancheck (11) 12.434, Mark Shaw (12) 9.896, Marc Scharago (13) 10.389 withdrew after one qualifier.

Runner Up Group Winner
Runner-up Edgar Perez Bob Trieschmann, Perez family, Kathleen, Heather, Alina, Edgar, winner Mark Shaw and son Ben Winner Mark Shaw
Photos by Mike Roberts. For over 7,000 Corvette Photos, click here.

Round 1

Wow! Who would have guessed with 12 Corvettes making first round, 5 in the 10.0 and 7 in the 10.50 that 5 pair would be same index and only one would be mixed? That is how the ladder worked out. First out on the track was Joe Latona (5) and Dave Romancheck (11), both 10.50 racers. Latona went deep and cut the better light, .173 on .500 pro tree. Romancheck was off with a .206 light. Door-to-door they went 1,320 feet and Latona crossed first but both drivers went under the index. We also made a tweak to our Pro classes this year and that is going under, while still causing a 20 point penalty for points drivers, no longer eliminates a driver from competition so the driver that breaks out least advances to the next round. Last year, both would have been gone. Latona broke out the least so he advances. Latona ran 10.484 @ 132.66 and Romancheck ran 10.446 @ 127.09. Incidentally, Romancheck is the proud owner of Alan Eckert’s Blue Anniversary Corvette Z06 which participated in this class last year. Glad to see the car still racing our Pro 10 Double Index. Next out was a pair of 10.0 cars. David Shen (1) and Jay McCardle (7). McCardle went deep with his C5 Corvette and cuts a .037 light to take the lead over Shen who ever-so-slightly trails with a .044. Shen takes the lead from McCardle and does not give it back as McCardle falls off the pace. Shen wins with a 10.074 @ 131.51 to McCardle’s 10.288 @ 134.39. Next out is a pair of 10.50 cars. David Harris (3) and Russ DeLibero (9). Neither driver deep stages and off they go on the green! Harris is away with a .194 and DeLibero is out with a .296. Immediately Russ's car begins to buck like a bronco with an obvious issue. Harris takes the win with a 10.581 pass at 110.92. Another pair of 10.50 cars, Edgar Perez (4) and Rob Zona (10) is up. Rob goes deep and lights all the lights going deep before I light any. That is okay because we talked about it and agreed it would happen that way before the round. I was attempting to go in deep but since I did not have it written on the car the starter did not wait for me. Again, that is okay because I choose not to write it on the car and knew I was on my own. Lights flash and I take a .213 to .427 RT advantage. I blip the throttle to help ensure I don't run under and I take the win with a 10.594 @ 125.18. Zona goes dead-on the index 10.502 @ 132.69. Next was our only pair of mixed index cars. Shawn Cavanagh (6) would leave first with a 10.50 index followed by Mark Shaw (10) with a 10.0 index. Cavanagh would also stage deep. Leave first he did going red -.028. Shaw gets the win light before leaving. From the looks of the video, Shaw saw the red and did not go up on the chip. He left well and ran 9.99 @ 136.86. Though he got the win and did not get dq'd for going under the index, he would incur a 20 point penalty for going just a thousandth under. The final pair, Chris Young (2) and Michael Conway (8), both 10.0 cars. Young was out first with a .048 to Conway's .052. You can hear Conway blipping the throttle up the track as he caught and released Young then caught him again to take the win 10.112 @ 123.20 to Young's 10.295 @ 105.47. Both drivers, obviously on the brakes.

Round 2

This round be different in that all three matches would be mixed index. David Shen (1) would face Edgar Perez (4) and had lane choice and took the left lane. Once again I made sure that I my opponent understood that I would not write deep on the car and if I chose to do it I would do on my own on autostart. As we pulled up to the tree, I lit the first light and Dave lit his first light. Then it was on! I little bit of a staging duel as neither driver wanted to be first on the clock. The video shows about a 12 second duel before I roll the car in deep in one move and Dave followed. I cut my best light of the day, .044 and Shen cuts his worst, .149. We get to the top end and I get the win light with a 10.571 @ 121.34 with the holeshot over his 10.056 @ 131.31. The winner gets a bye into the final we both knew it was a big round. Mark Shaw (12) is up next against David Harris (3) next. Harris leaves first on the 10.50 index with a .229 light and Shaw follows with a .152 on the 10.0 index. Shaw then catches Harris and takes the win with a 10.076 @ 133.09 to Harris' 10.639 @ 133.16 in a close finish. Last pair will be Joe Latona (5) and Michael Conway (8). Latona kills the tree with a .037 on his 10.50 index and Conway is right on him with a .078 on the 10.0 index. Latona takes the win though Conway is closer to the index with a 10.050 @ 130.78. Latona runs 10.577 @ 132.57 for the holeshot win. Once again the big Conway motor is heard on and off the throttle down track.

Round 3

With the bye into the final, I chose to just take the light and drive up the track to make it official so nothing to report there. Mark Shaw (12) however would have to face Joe Latona (5) to determine the other finalist. There was a bit of confusion on the starting line as Latona went deep and was in deep and Shaw was ready but the starter did not start the race immediately. There was a quick look at the back of Shaw's car then the tree was started. Latona would leave with a better light, .085 to Shaw's .144. However Latona's car fell off the pace and could only run 10.790 @ 130.91 and Shaw took the win with a 10.017 @ 127.90 to set up the all Red-Vette final.

2009 Race 1 Ladder

Final Round

This will be Mark Shaw's (12) fourth mixed index match of the day facing Edgar Perez (4). No staging duel this time. Shaw stages first, I roll the car in and in a flash we go. A .100 light set me back with a Shaw cutting his best light today with a .032. I am thinking I have a shot to win and then Shaw blow's by me in the last few feet and takes the win light. He goes 10.154 @ 134.30 and I am 10.621 @ 125.80. The win goes to Shaw by three hundredths of a second. Close race. All in all I think the racing went well for the day and Mark Shaw, who had 4 mixed index matches in taking the win thought so as well. The event, like any other first event, had some glitches and we will work to iron those out before the next race. The new format is showing a lot of promise. Congrats to Mark Shaw and his crew chief son Ben on winning the first ever Pro 10.0 Double Index.

Awards and Payouts Today

  • Winner Mark Shaw earned a payout of $160 in addition to the winner trophy
  • Runner-up Edgar Perez earned a payout of $80 in addition to the runner-up trophy
  • Semi-finalist Joe Latona earned a payout of $40
  • Number 1 Qualifier David Shen received a plaque for his 10.002 qualifying run
  • David Shen received the Best Reaction Time plaque for the best winning reaction time in the first round at .044

2009 Points Standings

The twist and turns of index racing brings us another first. Usually the racer that wins the first event leaves the event with the points lead. Mark Shaw should have left with the points lead being the event winner. However, in this class, a driver is penalized 20 points (the value of one round) for going under the index in eliminations. So with Shaw picking up that penalty in round 1 going 9.999, Edgar Perez leaves the event with the points lead. Perez leaves with 95 points for the day to Shaw's 92 which is a small margin of 3 qualifying points on the strength of his number 4 qualifying position to Shaw's number 12. In third place is David Shen with 58 points followed by David Harris with 56 and Joe Latona with 54. Latona also incurred a penalty today.
Rank Name R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Wins Rounds Avg Qual
1. David Shen 58 172 267 341 376 1 10 10.070 
2. Edgar Perez 95 193 249 286 364 0 9 10.556 
3. Shawn Cavanagh 34 111 149 247 283 1 7 10.583 
4. David Harris 56 109 142 176 273 1 6 10.591 
5. Christopher Young 37 90 204 204 204 1 5 10.099 
6. Mark Shaw 92 126 159 159 159 1 4 10.152 
7. Jay McCardle, Jr. 33 68 142 142 142 0 2 10.131 
8. Tommy Michalkowski 0 36 73 73 73 0 0 10.526 
9. Joseph Latona 54 54 54 54 54 0 2 10.632 
10. Thomas Sabolevsky 10 42 42 42 42 0 0 13.194 
11. Robert Zona 32 32 32 32 32 0 0 11.617 
12. Doug Ring 0 0 12 27 27 0 0 13.622 
13. Marc Scharago 11 11 11 11 11 0 0 10.389 

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Next Race

April 11, 2009 with gates opening at 9:30 AM. This will be our second points race of the year.

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