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Linke Scores Second Win in Event 3

By Edgar Perez

April 26, 2008 - Englishtown, NJ - The first session of the double header for The East Coast Supercharging Corvette Challenge presented by Yank Racing Converters would lead to a first time finalist against the most feared Rookie this series has ever seen. The threat of rain seemed to have taken its toll on today's racing. 68 Corvettes took the first round call which included 57 Corvette Challenge bracket racers and 11 Cartek Pro 10.0 racers.

For today's Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 coverage click here.

Round one: None other than Rob Farley got us started in round 1 today and he was surly on time with a .018 reaction time against Mike Campbell's .101. Campbell's 12.493 on 12.42 dial was good but the not enough to make the difference at the light. Farley's continually speeding Easter Egg, 1998 Indy Pace car, was dialed 10.82 and only needed a 10.965 @ 109.50 to take the win. Several pair later, Richy Josephs took the tree against Wayne Hagopian. Wayne’s 12.30 dial in the right lane was well on his way when Josephs left the line in the left lane. Part way down the track Joseph's car went off-line and crossed the centre line to the right lane on his way to a hard hit with the wall. The car took a few gyrations before coming to rest, in much worse shape than it left the line. Richy was out of the car immediately, noticeably upset with the situation but with no apparent injuries which we are all grateful for. Richy posted details of the incident on the Corvette Forum so if you would like more detail please visit the forum at and view the Drag Racing section of the boards. We had a racer return we have not seen in some years. Chris Danielson was back with his blue 1974 Corvette and we were happy to see him back. His first round back he did not fair too well though. He was up against Jack George, yet another racer from Mahopac, NY. Danielson took the starting line advantage, .138 to .153 but Danielson could not run his number, being a half-second of his 12.58 dial, and George took the win with a 13.525 on 13.45 dial. Al Betz was back in the game as well after a long absence where work and life got in the way of play but not today. He was here for the double header. The familiar Nassau Blue C5 was dial 13.14 and he was up against Delaware’s own Frank Fiori with a 12.81 dial. Betz left first and early lighting the red light with a -.014 giving Fiori the win. He did not really need the gift as Frank went .019 on the tree and went 12.831 on the 12.81 dial so he was going to be tough round anyway. The next racer, Tommy Michalkowski, went red as well and he did it to defending champ Ralph Savarese. Ralph used the pass to check up on his dial and good thing he did as he went 11.012 on 11.03 dial. Gary Hurta was back after snapping an axle previously and he was up against John Trescott. They gave us a great race that neither likely wants you to know about. Trescott dialed 12.20 and left first with a .054 light. Hurta dialed 11.90 and followed with a .021. The Red and Orange cars took it down track and the back door and Hurta was the victor in the double breakout race. Trescott ran out by more going 11.968 @ 114.63 on 12.20 going under .232. Hurta ran 11.689 @ 116.63 going under by .211 for the win. James Peins got the lucky draw and a single in the round and ran 13.98 on 14.00 dial with .083 RT.

Eventual finalist, Dave Buddendorff, Levittown, PA, drove his 1973 White Corvette to a first round victory over Ron Higgins. Buddendorff got a break when he left the line with a .130 to Higgins' .051. Higgins could not run the dial though going 12.143 on 11.74 dial while Buddendorff took the win with a 13.111 on 13.0 dial @ 104.32. Team Panuzzo got off to a good start win Jeanne Linke, driving John Panuzzo's 1996 Torch Red Corvette cut a .025 reaction time in a match with Jerry Muniz. Muniz was close on the dial with an 11.950 @ 113.46 but he left too much room at the light and Linke took the stripe running 12.807 on her 12.77 dial.

Runner Up Group Winner
Runner-up Dave Buddendorff Back: Jeanne, John, Dad, Doug Linke, Kazimir. Front: Trieschmann and Just Married Frank Schear Winner Jeanne Linke
Photos by Edgar Perez. For over 5000 Corvette Photos, click here.

Round two: With todays less than normal turnout we were on a ladder in round 2. Rob Farley's .018 reaction time in the first round earned him the number one spot on that ladder and a bye run as we were uneven for the round. In a double breakout race, Tony Abbruzze took his 1979 Corvette to the win with a 12.842 on 12.86 dial to Joe Latona’s 10.772 @ 124.64 on 10.81 dial. However it was a moot point as Latona also went red -.117. Rookie Shay LaScalla broke out in her C6 by a margin of .002 costing her a win against Wayne Hagopian, Cliffside Park, NJ in his 2006 Corvette. Wayne ran 12.318 @ 111.34 on 12.30 dial with a .127 light. Gary Hurta cut a .005 but did not get the win. How? Well Joe Signore cut a .169 light and Hurta ran well over his dial of 11.60 going 12.214 @ 120.89. Alan Eckert got a win against Eric Fischer when Fischer went red -.022. Fischer ran his pass out and ran 11.530 on 11.57 dial. Eckert slowed to 11.271 on 10.45 dial. Eric dad, Bill Fischer Sr. had the luxury of a red light win for himself. In a basically heads-up race, 11.51 for Dennis Kazimir and 11.52 for Fischer, Dennis left red -.022. He was probably kicking himself when he got his time slip and saw Fischer had been distracted and left with a .354 light. It would have been nice race as Fischer went 11.533 and Kazimir 11.556. Ken Tyler took a close race over Ellis Gray. Tyler was out of the hole first with a 12.20 dial and .129 light and Ellis followed with a 10.85 dial and .124 light. Tyler was closer on the dial with a .245 on the .20 dial and Gray went .903 on the .85 dial.

Dave Buddendorff was paired with James Kovitch. Buddendorff ran 13.062 on 13.00 dial with a .l69 light but needed help for the win. Kovitch cut a better light .070 light but broke out on his 13.70 dial going 13.666. Linke, on the other hand, was up against three-time and reigning Champ Ralph Savarese. They faced each other in the last event and Ralph went red to her. Jeanne was away green, a very nice .025 green on her 12.75 dial, as Ralph waited for his tree on the 11.01 dial. When he saw yellow he knew he needed to be "on" but he went red for the second time in a row to the very seasoned rookie.

2008 Event 3 Ladder

Round 3: On to the third round and Doug Bereczki would be up against Joe Signore, fellow CCDV members. Bereczki was off with a .097 and 14.21 dial and Signore followed in the C6 with a .091 and 12.30 dial. Neither driver wanted to risk giving up the stripe so they barreled through the finish and each broke out on their dials. Bereczki broke out the least with a 14.187 so he get the win over Signore's 12.264. Steve Pistilli, who has been very consistent this year chalked up another round win as he was paired with Bill Fischer Sr. This time it was the Sr. Fischer going red and sending Pistilli to the next round. Pistilli ran his 1994 Corvette to a .051 tree and 13.104 on 13.08 dial for the win. Alan Eckert cut a great .028 light and was headed for the win over Tony Abbruzze before he lit the light on the wrong side breaking out on his 10.45 dial with a 10.381 @ 121.76 in the supercharged entry. Abbruzze was .072 green and 12.860 on 12.85 dial. Ken Tyler took out another supercharged entry when he faced Shawn Cavanagh. Both drivers sporting 2003 Corvettes but Tyler was dialed 12.20 to Cavanagh's 11.77. They were both green and Cavanagh got the tree advantage, .120 to .156, but gave up the stripe. Tyler went 12.228, just .02 over the dial and Cavanagh ran 11.865 @ 111.92 mph. James Peins got the single this round as the result of being on the right spot on the ladder, making it two on the day for him. Rob Farley faced Paul Bogdan and this time there would be no "Farley Slide". He left .064 on the tree, with the lead to Paul Bogdan's .071. Both drivers, however, broke out. Farley broke out the least for the win when he ran 10.808 @ 123.61 on 12.86 dial. Bogdan went 11.307 on 11.40 dial.

Buddendorff would face Hagopian in this round. With a .048 tree and 13.104 on 13.08 dial, Dave would get the win. Hagopian left .208 green and broke out chasing Buddendorff with a 12.224 on 12.30 dial never catching him. Linke continued making the boys see red and got another gift; this time a red from Al Salanitro. Salanitro was even closer on his red then her previous opponent with a -.011. Linke was .043 green and ran 12.842 on 12.83 dial on the freebie.

Round 4: Now with 8 of America's favorite sports car left, there would be no more byes. Buddendorff was on the track first with Pistilli. A .062 for Dave and 13.070 on 13.03 dial was more than enough to take the win over Pistilli. Pistilli was off his dial of 13.09 running 13.205 and .080 tree. Ken Tyler and Dough Bereczki were next on the track. Bereczki took a .053 RT lead over Ken Tyler's .117 but something blew through the traps forcing a rerun. When they came back around, Bereczki was even better on the tree with a .034 and Tyler worse with a .154. Tyler broke out trying to make up for the light while Bereczki stayed on the positive side with a 14.203 on 13.18 dial and nice job staying focused on the rerun. Tony Abbruzze advanced over double-bye Peins when his luck ran out and went red with a -.051 light. Abbruzze drove his '79 Corvette to a 12.885 on .052 and was looking good on the way to the semi-final. Linke was up against two-time champ Rob Farley this round. Just when you think she cannot get any better at intimidation, she slams Farley with a .004 reaction time as he waits for his tree to come down. Wait he did and tried too hard not to go red to Linke but he cut a .105 reaction and would have to find a tenth to catch her. It was too much to give the rook' and she took the win forcing Farley to break out running 10.796 on 10.81 dial. Linke shined on the dial as well running 12.890 @ 101.26 on the 12.84 dial.

Round 5: Two pair or is it two pairs? Whatever it is, it is semi-final time and we are in for some step-it-up racing. Buddendorff was in first with 13.05 dial against Abbruzze with a 12.20 dial. Dave was .034 on the tree to put the pressure on Tony with his .069. Top end, it was Buddendorff on the positive side going 13.902 while Abbruzze went dead-on his dial with a 9 @ 104.59. It was not enough sending Buddendorff to his first Corvette Challenge final with a .002 second margin of victory. Linke would be paired with Bereczki. Doug would get to leave first with a 14.19 dial and Linke would follow with 12.86. Linke took a .044 to .088 reaction time advantage to the finish line. This one was close and both driver broke out. Linke went 12.828 on the 12.86 dial getting the win breaking the least to Bereczki who went 14.149 on 14.19 dial. She got the stripe too by .03.

Round 6: First time finalist versus Corvette Rookie. Buddendorff would leave first with his 13.07 dial and Linke would adjust her dial to 12.83 dial in. Buddendorff had the lead when mid track he said the car started to not feel right. It felt like started to sway. He slowed and Linke passed him. She was able to tighten up the stripe for her second Corvette Challenge win in the John Panuzzo owned Corvette. At the top end Buddendorff realized he had a tire going down and that caused the odd sway. Luckily he slowed it down and took the safe side. He had to stop at the air station to fill the left rear tire to make it down for the finals picture. You could hear the air escaping from the flat tire in the lanes. Linke had run 12.919 @ 97.84 for the win. She had sliced her way through some seasoned racers to capture the win. Panuzzo on the sidelines could not tell he had taken the win as the win light did not flash. After Walter announced it over the public address system and several of us told him she had won, he burst in a joyful cheer and began predicting two wins today in bracket and a win in the even 11.50 class with him driving Dennis Kazimir's car. He was 1/3 of the way there, but no one believed him or just how close he would later come to this. See how he did by reading the next race article.

Corvette Challenge Points Update

Rookie Jeanne Linke took over the points lead at the end of this race with her event victory. She moves to the next race with a 2-point lead over Steve Pistilli. Bob Trieschmann holds third with 10 points and Dave Buddendorff moves into the fourth spot with the runner-up performance with 9 points. He is tied at 9 with John Trescott.
2008 Corvette Challenge Standings
Corvette drivers page with more driver information

Rookie of the Year Update

It is starting to look like a runaway Rookie chase with Linke's event win. She holds the overall points lead and thus the Rookie chase lead. Shay LaScalla, our other lady rookie, sits in second place with 4 points. Mike Calicchia follows her with three points.
Rookie of the Year Standings

Spectrum Equipment Service Gear Jammer Award Update

Steve Pistilli holds the gear jammers lead being he is sitting in second place over all. Ken Tyler, Ken Gallasio and Gary Hurta trail with 8 points each. Spectrum Equipment Service once again sponsors the "Gear Jammer of the Year" award, presented at year-end banquet to the racer with most points in his/her manual transmission Corvette.
Gear Jammer Standings.

Corvette Challenge Team Challenge Cup

Don Peppler's team scored the most points this event to move them from 8th place to third on the strength of Buddendorff’s runner up and Ken Tyler and James Peins scoring 4 points each. However, John Trescott's Eliminators team held onto first place with 9 points today from Tony Abbruzze (5), Ellis Gray and Ken Gallasio (2 each). The biggest drop was Savarese's Ridin' Dirty team who fell three positions.

Current Team Standings

TeamTeam NameTeam CaptainPoints
T01 Ridin' Dirty Ralph Savarese 96
T08 Bracket Masters Ralph Blauvelt 93
T02 The Eliminators John Trescott 91
T07 Mistress and the Mayhem Christopher Haase 87
T04 Vapors David Tortolani 86
T06 SKAM ARTISTS John Hadyniak 81
T05 CCDV Douglas Bereczki 67
T03 Sgt Peppler's Donald Peppler, Jr. 64
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Click if you cannot see Team Challenge Cup Standings

Awards Handed Out at this Event

  • Rob Farley won the 'John Panuzzo Jr. Memorial' trophy presented by Team Panuzzo Racing for the best winning reaction time in the 1st round. Rob Farley was quickest on the tree in the 1st round when his RT was .018.
  • Ray Sztabnik won the 'Almost Perfect Award' with a loss in the 1st round with the red light closest to .000 (Almost Perfect). Ray Sztabnik's light was -0.010 and was rewarded a trophy from Old Bridge Township Raceway Park recognizing the effort put forth to try and capture a perfect light but just slightly red.
  • Joe Signore won the CCDV 'Closest to Dial Award' by running only .003 off his dial. Joe Signore was awarded a trophy and free tech card for a future race from Corvette Club of Delaware Valley.
  • Dave Tortolani won the 'Ohh so Close Award' presented by Zaino when being edged out in the 1st round by the smallest margin of victory of .0014. That number is the MOV number on your time slip. Although suffering a loss in the 1st round by the smallest Margin of Victory, Dave Tortolani earned a Zaino starter package that includes various Zaino products.
  • All winners of the first round were awarded a trophy . With 70 cars making this event, we sure gave out quite a few trophies or 1st Round Trophy Upgrade Program credits.

Next Two Races

May 31, 2008 - The fourth points race of the season for Corvette Challenge bracket races. It will be a full day with two additional classes. The American Racing Headers Pro 8 Shootout returns to attempt its first full event and The Vette Doctors Pro 11.50 goes at it for their second race of the year. Gates to open around 2:30 PM. If you are looking to make it a full day of racing, check out the EFI Series running in the morning session. This series feature two dot tire bracket classes, on slick tire bracket and a heads-up QuickTime 8 class. Cars must run EFI and the Quick Time 8 must be LS motor based. Our racers always do well in these.

June 28, 2008 - The fifth points race of the season for our Corvette Challenge racers. We will also host the third point race for The Cartek Racing Pro 10.0. Gates to open around 2:30 PM.

Visit the Drag Schedule at to view Raceway Park's schedule for other events and days for test and tuning.

As always, we couldn't enjoy our passion for racing without the tireless efforts of our coordinators - Edgar Perez, Bob Trieschmann and Dennis Kazimir We'd be reduced to time shots only without our sponsors - many thanks for the continued support of

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