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Today is Wednesday March 21, 2018      
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Rob Farley Scores his Second Win In The Vette Doctor's Pro 11.50 Race #3

by Rob Farley

Qualifiers - The Vette Doctors Pro 11.50 Index presented by Russ DeLibero-Emerald Financial Resources
1  Joseph Latona 11.500 120.18
2  Tommy Michalkowski 11.515 121.01
3  David Tortolani 11.520 117.62
4  Chris Coriell 11.525 110.58
5  Rob Farley 11.526 105.85
6  Mike Calicchia 11.578 118.51
7  John Panuzzo 11.595 116.63
8  John Hadyniak 11.613 115.38
9  Rick Geer 11.615 103.58
10  Troy Nikola 11.631 118.25
11  Gene Paterno 11.641 116.38
12  Shawn Cavanagh 11.653 107.3
13  Jerry Muniz 11.654 107.29
14  Joseph Donnelly 11.656 106.3
15  Paul Bogdan 11.673 112.44
16  Ron Leader 11.719 120.87
17  Eric Fischer 11.723 115.12
18  Anthony Cupolo 11.728 126.72
19  Gary Hillen 11.747 118.09
20  Ellis Gray 11.832 101.92
21  Nicholas Pluta 11.964 116.34
22  Bill Fischer 12.135 113.08
23  Gary Hurta 12.418 119.74
24  Robert Zona 17.691 47.13
25  Thomas Sabolevsky 11.393 108.95
08/09/08 - Englishtown, NJ - The third Vette Doctors Pro 11.5 Index presented by Russ DeLibero-Emerald Financial Resources raced on August 9, 2008. There were twenty five Corvettes battling it out to make the ladder. As we move into the third event, we are having more driver's run closer to the Index then any other event. We had seven drivers qualify in the 11.50's, eight drivers qualify in the 11.60's and one driver in the 11.70's. The ladder was separated by .219 from our number one qualifier showing off to everyone with an 11.500. Yes you read that correctly, Joe Latona ran Dead On with an 11.500. With every driver knowing that the number one position was his, everybody was trying to secure the number two position without breaking out. I wrote in the past about how this class will be so competitive before the last race. Event three was a day that most drivers stepped it up to qualify and also chase down Rob Farley for the bounty. The bounty was at $100.00 entering this event by Martin Cavanagh. I am informed by Martin's son Shawn Cavanagh, That Martin is anxiously waiting to give the money away.

For today's Corvette Challenge bracket results click here.


The number one qualifier, Joe Latona showed everyone that it is not impossible to run dead on without trying. Joe ran 11.500 @ 120.18mph. The top five drivers were separated by .026. The number two qualifier was Tommy Michalkowski who ran 11.515 at 121.01mph. The driver that everyone has been watching since event one was Dave Tortolani who qualified third with an 11.520 @ 117.62. The next two positions were separated by .001 with Chris Coriell who qualified number 4 with an 11.525 and Rob Farley close behind with an 11.526 in the number five position. The number sixteen qualifier was Dr. Ron Leader with an 11.719 @ 120.87mph. After the second qualifying round, the drivers were anxious to get round started due to a close field. I figured that since the field was so close that this was going to be day were the race was won on the tree or on the top end.

Round 1

The first two drivers to start the Vette Doctors Pro 11.50 Event 3 was Paul Bogdan (15) in his 1997 silver C5 racing John Panuzzo (7) driving Dennis Kazimir's 1998 red Corvette. The first driver to leave the line was John Panuzzo with a .067 to Paul's .101. Most would have thought the race was over but John had some mechanical problems and Paul was able to drive around John for the win. Paul crossed the traps with a 12.105 @ 88.31mph to John's loosing 13.490 @ 81.82mph. The next pair had the driver that traveled the longest distance for today's event. Rick Geer (9) drove up from Portsmouth, VA with his 1995 Corvette to race in today's event. Rick was the runner up in the Pro 11.50 Class at The National Corvette Challenge in Virginia this year. Rick was racing Joe Latona (1) our number one qualifier. Rick left first with a .092 light to Joe's .134 light. With Joe knowing he left late, Joe broke out with an 11.434 @ 117.04mph while trying to close the gap to Rick's 11.540 at 118.61mph. The next two drivers at the line were Chris Coriell (4) and Shawn Cavanagh (12). Both drivers are representing East Coast Supercharging. Chris left first in his red 2003 Corvette with a .075 light to Shawn's late .140 light. Shawn was able to cross first with an 11.626 @ 116.80mph for the win with Chris crossing second with an 11.701 at 116.61mph. Next to the starting line was David Tortolani (3) driving his 1999 Blue C5 and Gene Paterno (11) was driving his 2002 Silver C5. The starting line advantage went to Gene with a .064 to Dave's .113. Gene knew he had to hit the tree to get the starting line advantage over Dave. Dave has been running very close to the index at every race. With Gene out first, Dave had to run it all the way to the stripe. Dave crossed first with an 11.545 @ 112.21mph to Gene's 11.690 @ 116.99mph. Rumor has it that Gene will have some work performed on his silver bullet over the winter.

The first two drivers to start the Vette Doctors Pro 11.50 Event 3 was Paul Bogdan (15) in his 1997 silver C5 racing John Panuzzo (7) driving Dennis Kazimir's 1998 red Corvette. The first driver to leave the line was John The next pair had one of the only two C4's racing today in the Vette Doctors Pro 11.50. Joseph Donnelly (14) had his 1986 383 cubic inch gold C4 running conservative during time trials. Joseph was lined up against Mike Calicchia (6) in his 1999 C5. Mike has been gradually moving up on the qualifying position at each event. The reaction times were by .006 giving the small advantage to Mike. At the top end, Joseph was able to drive around Mike with an 11.54 @ 115.72mph to Mike's 11.604 @ 118.02. Rolling up to the line for the next pair was a familiar Corvette. It was Rob Farley (5) in his 1998 Pace Car. Either you love it or you hate it. Rob wearing a target for this event thanks to Martin Cavanagh. Martin has posted a $100.00 bounty on Rob Farley to the driver that takes him out during eliminations. I have a strange feeling that the bounty will be for anyone that can take Rob out physically or on the track. Rob was lined up with Jerry Muniz (13) in his beautiful black 2005 C6 (1HOTC6). In the lanes Jerry was excited to have the opportunity to take Rob out and collect the bounty. When the tree flashed, Rob was out first with a .080 light to Jerry's .137. With Rob knowing that there was a starting line advantage in his favor, He used to judge Jerry's hard charging C6. Rob crossed first with an 11.580 @ 101.53mph to Jerry's 11.591 @ 119.43mph. This was a race to the finish line. The next pair had the only turbo car in the class. Not only is it a turbo Corvette, It is a 1999 C5 twin turbo owned by Tommy Michalkowski (2). He is racing Troy Nikola (10) in his 2000 Corvette. Tommy was able to leave first with a .099 reaction time to Nick's .225. Tommy crossed first with an 11.753 @ 101.31mph to Nick's struggling 12.655 @ 108.99mph. Nick had some trouble with his car during the run. I am sure he will have it all fixed for the next race on September 20, 2008. The last two drivers to finish round one was John Hadyniak (8) in his red, white and blue 1973 C3 going up against Dr. Ron Leader (16) in his 2006 ZO6. John left first with a .072 light to Dr. Ron's .235 light. Dr. Ron had some traction problems and decided to not risk having an accident, so he cruised down the 1320 to a 16.417 @ 59.58mph. John crossed the stripe with an 11.664 @ 108.56 mph.

Runner Up Group Winner
Runner-up none Coordinator Winner Rob Farley
Photos by . For over 5000 Corvette Photos, click here.

Round 2

All eyes were on the next driver rolling through the water. This is Dave Tortolani (3) racing Paul Bogdan (15). Both drivers run about the same time in the quarter mile. This would be a race that would most likely be won by the reaction time. Dave left first with a .094 to Paul's unusually .117. Dave was able to cross first with an 11.508 @ 117.38 to Paul's 11.553. The MOV was .023. The race was so close that both drivers were looking for the win light on the wall after the finish line. Next was the driver with a huge target on him. That would be Rob Farley (5) racing his ECS built 1998 Pace Car going up against Rick Geer (9). When ever someone lines up against Rob, they are only thinking about beating him and collecting there reward of $100.00. Rick left a little late with a .131 to Rob's .058. With Rob leaving first without a red light, He knew he had a starting line advantage. This is a mistake to leave a gap there for Rob. Rob crossed first with an 11.574 @ 108.72mph while tapping the brakes to insure that he would not break out. Rick crossed almost running the index with an 11.524 @ 119.13mph.

The next two driver's race in the Corvette Challenge points series. This is Shawn Cavanagh (12) in his 2003 supercharged sleeper going against John Hadyniak (8) in his 1973 C3. John left to early and gave the race to Shawn. If Shawn runs quicker then 11.50, He will to loose the round. Shawn ran an 11.644 @ 112.37mph. The last two drivers to end round two were Joseph Donnelly (14) and Tommy Michalkowski (2). Tommy knocked the tree down with an outstanding .006 to Joe's .232. What a head start for Tommy, but Joe was able to drive around Tommy for the win. Joe crossed first with an 11.511 @ 116.05mph. Tommy could not keep the tires hooked and went an 11.757 @ 122.87mph.

Round 3

Round three started with four Corvettes and only had one driver advancing to the finals. The first pair of drivers to roll through the water box were Dave Tortolani (3) and Rob Farley (5). Dave was not able to hold his 1999 blue C5 at the line and rolled through the beams just as the tree flashed. Dave went red by .380. Rob had a .098 and ran 11.740 @ 89.68mph. The next two drivers to stage were Joseph Donnelly (14) and Shawn Cavanagh (12). Both drivers knowing that Rob Farley has advanced to the finals, both drivers are looking to win so they could have the chance to be the one to take out Rob and collect the $100.00 bounty. Shawn left first with a .118 light to Joseph's .178. Both drivers were battling it out on the top end. Joseph crossed first with an 11.461 at 117.17 to Shawn's 11.430 at 120.92mph. Both drivers went under the index and are not advancing to the final round.

Final Round

The final round had Rob Farley racing himself. How many people do you think were hoping for him to break out and loose? I would guess it was about 99.9% of the spectators. In the lanes Rob said just as he pulled out "I am going to drill the tree". Rob staged, the tree flashed and Rob was off. Rob had a .004 light. No one knew what the reaction time was but after the pass, Rob was asked by many about what the light was with them knowing it had to be double O. Rob ran 11.715 @ 84.88mph to move him into the number one position in points.

Rob Farley would like to thank East Coast Supercharging for all the work that they have done to the Pace Car and also to American Racing Headers, New York Speed and Machine, NO WET and to his wife Linda, Robbie and Katelyn.

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Awards and Payouts Today

  • Winner Rob Farley earned a payout of $160 in addition to the winner trophy
  • Runner-up no one earned a payout of $80 in addition to the runner-up trophy
  • Semi-Finalists Dave Tortolani, Joe Donnelly and Shawn Cavanagh a payout of $40
  • Number 1 Qualifier Joe Latona received a plaque for his 11.500 qualifying run

2008 Points Standings

After today's race, Rob Farley holds the points lead over John Panuzzo is now in second place. Farley's give him a 263 to 220 advantage. Shawn Cavanagh sits in third place with 165 points followed by Paul Bogdan in fourth with 154. Dave Tortolani rounds out the top 5 with 127.
Rank Name R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Wins Rounds Avg Qual
1. Rob Farley 35 149 263 381 495 4 17 11.567
2. John Panuzzo 112 187 220 251 284 1 6 11.687
3. Paul Bogdan 10 103 154 248 282 0 8 11.777
4. Shawn Cavanagh 76 113 165 175 231 0 7 11.691
5. David Tortolani 13 51 127 159 211 0 4 11.597
6. Gene Paterno 53 85 117 174 189 0 2 11.649
7. Eric Fischer 11 62 72 127 184 0 3 11.776
8. Bill Fischer 31 41 51 82 140 0 2 11.894
9. Ellis Gray 72 106 116 126 126 0 4 11.841
10. Mike Calicchia 11 42 76 110 110 0 0 11.700
11. Ron Leader 37 69 100 100 100 0 0 11.677
12. Anthony Cupolo 0 10 20 96 96 0 2 11.794
13. Joseph Latona 34 44 62 93 93 0 2 11.790
14. Joseph Donnelly 0 33 84 84 84 0 2 11.678
15. Nicholas Pluta 31 41 51 82 82 0 0 11.945
16. Gary Hurta 30 40 50 60 60 0 0 12.636
17. Jerry Muniz 0 10 41 53 53 0 0 11.667
18. Frank Eckert 38 48 48 48 48 0 0 11.879
19. Thomas Sabolevsky 0 36 46 46 46 0 1 11.620
20. Rich Shuleski 10 20 20 20 20 0 0 12.362
21. Robert Zona 0 10 20 20 20 0 0 14.890
22. Ron Higgins 0 0 0 0 12 0 0

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Next Race

The next Pro 11.5 race of 2008 is September 20, 2008 with the gates opening at 9:30 AM. Also, drivers are invited to stay for the evening session where Raeway Park will be hosting a similiar race with heads-up index classes for 12.0, 11.0 and 10.0 racers. Our 11.50 cars should easily fit in the 12 or 11 second classes. Payout for full fields is very good too. Just about any Corvette with small mods can get into this heads-up pro tree class so be sure and check it out. Don't miss the tight racing action if you are not ready to participate.


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