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Shen Makes it Four in Row in the Final Cartek Pro 10.00 of 2007

by Mike Conway

Qualifiers - Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Index
presented by Silly Goose Racing Stables
1  Jay McCardle 10.033 136.3
2  David Shen 10.062 131.31
3  Jerry Land 10.117 137.61
4  Chris Young 10.229 131.68
5  Eddie Monari 10.291 133.53
6  Shawn Cavanaugh 10.313 135.05
7  Edgar Perez 10.401 129.5
8  Tommy Michalkowski 10.626 126.08
9  Troy Nikola 10.633 128.93
10/20/07 - Englishtown, NJ - details coming. To say the Champion Shen time has dominated Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Index presented by Silly Goose Racing Stables in 2007 is an understatement. The Champ made it four wins in a row and secured himself a big target on his back for 2008.

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We had 9 Corvettes attempt to qualify on the last Cartek Pro 10.00 of 2007 with a few new drivers. The weather and track were perfect for racing. First qualifying round was led by Jay McCardle from Stewart, PA driving his '97 Blue C5 to an almost perfect 10.00 running a 10.033 at 136 mph. 2nd was Dave "2007 Champion" Shen with his pit crew, dad Davie, running 10.062 at 131 mph. 3rd was the return of Jerry Land from Fort Littleton, PA in his '02 Corvette running a 10.117 at 137 mph. 4th was Chris Young in his '93 Blue C4 running 10.229 at 131 mph. 5th was racer Shawn Cavanaugh making his first appearance in the 10.00 class running a 10.313 at 135.05mph. 6th was our Leader Edgar Perez in his Vette Doctors car with a wheel lifting 10.401 at 129.50 mph. 7th was regular & sponsor Anger Management Racing, Tommy Michalkowski, running his 346 Twin Turbo to a 10.626 at 126 mph. 8th with the bump spot went to Troy Nikola of Colts Neck in his '00 Vette who ran a 10.831 at 126 mph. There was one more Corvette Racer that tried to qualify and that was new comer Eddie Monari. Driving Mike Conway's '97 Neverlift Racecraft Corvette. Mike is out due to injury. Eddie ran a 9.652 at 140.29 mph so was placed at the bottom and did not qualify.

The only change in Round 2 was Eddie Monari was able to pilot the Red C5 to a 10.291 at 133 mph and with that bumped Troy Nikola out.

Round 1

The first two racers were Eddie Monari, #5, vs. #1 Jay McCardle. Both cars were well capable of running 10.00 but there would be no race as McCardle red-lighted, Monari cruised to a free win. The next two racers, Dave Shen, #2 vs. Shawn Cavanaugh, #6. Cavanaugh soon found out he was out-powered by Shen's '65 Vette. Shen finished 10.189 at 124 mph to Cavanaugh's 10.259 at 133 mph. Next up were two regulars, Edgar Perez, #7 vs. Jerry Land, #3. If this race was on paper Land would win but then you throw in Edgar Perez and you can throw that stuff out the window. Edgar jumped out with a .156 to a .601 reaction time. Down the track they went. Land caught him but it was too late and Land broke out running a losing 9.997 at 130 mph. to a winning 10.49 at 129.05 mph for Edgar Perez. The last two were Chris Young, #4, from Carmel, NY and Tommy Michalkowski, #8 from Brick, NJ. They both left about the same and Young took the win 10.309 at 131.64 mph to Tommy's losing 10.580.

Round 2

Put long time racer, Edgar Perez, #7 vs. first time 10.0 racer Eddie Monari #5 of Bayville, NJ. Edgar knew he was under-powered a little so he would have to be sharp at the tree. He was .035 to Eddie's .269. But it was not enough. Eddie caught him and won running a 10.203 at 132.76 mph to Edgar's 10.451 at 130.43 mph. Very good race. Next was Dave Shen, #2, vs. Chris Young, #4. This was to be a battle. Unfortunately for Young, as he went to stage his Blue C4, the car launched past the beams then pulled a 3-foot wheelie but he was Red giving the Champ a win as Shen coasted to a 10.537 at 98 mph.

Final Round

We have seen these two Red Corvettes in the Finals this year before but not both Drivers. On one side we have the 2007 Champion "King of the Class", Dave Shen vs. the newcomer in his 1st 10.00 appearance, Eddie Monari. Monari left first with a .025 reaction vs. Shen's impressive (as always) .029. Shen's car jumped out in front but Eddie soon closed. At the end it was Shen again but what a race. Shen ran a 10.055 to Monari's 10.078. Shen won by a .019 margin of victory. This was a great race by both drivers. Congrats to Dave Shen on event win, his fourth in a row and on his Championship. Congrats to Chris Young who wrapped up 2nd place in the Class. It was a great year and thanks to all who made it possible.

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Awards and Payouts Today

  • Winner David Shen earned a payout of $100 in addition to the winner trophy
  • Runner-up Edward Monari earned a payout of $50 in addition to the runner-up trophy
  • Number 1 Qualifier Jay McCardle received a plaque for his 10.033 qualifying run
  • Edward Monari received the Best Reaction Time plaque for the best winning reaction time in the first round at .094

2007 Points Standings

Of course David Shen, our 2007 Pro 10.0 Champion, remained the points leader amassing 446 points. Chris Young was able to move into second place with his 2nd round appearance Michael Conway (3rd) and Wayne Keegan (4th) not making the race. Edgar Perez getting by on Jerry Land's breakout locked 5th place for him.
Rank Name R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Wins Rounds Avg Qual
1. David Shen 58 156 252 349 446 4 13 10.075
2. Chris Young 96 152 186 241 296 1 6 10.173
3. Michael Conway 37 112 169 247 247 0 5 10.098
4. Wayne Keegan 75 112 187 223 223 0 4 10.141
5. Edgar Perez 53 85 95 147 199 0 3 10.661
6. Jerry Land 34 87 120 120 156 0 1 10.250
7. Tommy Michalkowski 32 63 95 128 128 0 0 10.597
8. David Outten 0 0 58 58 58 0 1 10.018
9. George Smith 10 44 44 44 44 0 0 10.704
10. Mark Shaw 31 41 41 41 41 0 0 10.704
11. Alan Eckert 10 20 20 20 20 0 0 11.149
12. Neil Fine 0 0 0 10 10 0 0
13. Thomas Sabolevsky 0 10 10 10 10 0 0

With a new points system for 2007, points look very different than in previous years. Read about the new points on 2007propoints.html

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Next Race

The season is over for the Pro 10.0. Look on these pages for news regarding the 2008 season. In the mean time, get ready to attend the awards banquet in February. See you then.


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