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Today is Wednesday March 21, 2018      
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2014 Schedule
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David Shen Wins his First Pro 10.0!

by Edgar Perez

Qualifiers - Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Index presented by Silly Goose Racing Stables
1David Shen 10.148 131.60
2Chris Young 10.211 132.52
3David Outten 10.263 131.59
4Edgar Perez 11.074 122.92
5Tom Sabolevsky 11.302 126.42
6Alan Eckert 11.538 122.73
7Rob Zona 11.690 123.40
8Stephan Schawaroch 11.953 127.74
Did not qualify
9Tommy Michalkowski 22.000 000.00
10/21/06 - Englishtown, NJ - The Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Index presented by Silly Goose Racing Stables completed its fifth race on the schedule today, though we have yet to make-up the September rained out race 4, alongside the East Coast Supercharging Corvette Challenge. It was much more comfortable out today than our last race and racing was sure to be close. Chris Young finally returned to the track with the blueberry colored Corvette and this time it was running in top form. His tuner, Paul Thompson, came down from New England to help Chris dial it in during the early afternoon EFI race and that they did running low 10.20s. Dr. Rob Zona was back and Tom Sabolevsky made his first Pro 10.0 of the season. We also signed up a new driver, Stephan "The Undertaker" Schawaroch. Speaking of new, Alan Eckert was back with "Blue" but it sported a whole new power adder. Out was the belt shredding supercharger and in were two brand new turbos in the rear. A total of 9 Corvettes would attempt to qualify for the 8 spots on the sportsman ladder.


Only seven Corvettes made it out for first round of qualifying. David Shen meant business taking the number one spot in the 1966 383ci Corvette that he and his dad wrench on with a 10.182 @ 131.48. Chris Young, finally out in his own car, was determined to make a move to the championship today and placed second on the grid with a 10.302 @ 132.06 yanking the wheels off the ground in very impressive fashion with the 1993 434ci naturally aspirated car. David Outten retuned with the teal colored 1990 Corvette and took the third spot with a 10.579 @ 131.90. I had "The Red Sled" (what I call my car) on the quest for a 10-second pass but missed it but still was in a 4th with an 11.106 @ 122.83 in the 1999, Vette Doctors built 346ci heads/cam car. Tom Sabolevsky was finally out with his new combination he has been breaking in, a 2001 346ci supercharged entry built by Cartek Racing and took the #5 spot with an 11.302 @ 126.42. In another Cartek Racing built motor, Dr Rob Zona was in the 6th position with an 11.690 @ 123.40. Both Sabolevsky and Zona did it rowing the gears. One other car, Tommy Michalkowski, a 346ci supercharged entry, did not complete his pass. Just after launching hard off the line he had to pull it to the wall when something broke. It was evident it was transmission related as a little line of fluid followed him off the track. Tommy later said the shaft into the transmission broke and he will be back with hardened shafts. Amazingly, Tommy has been racing this car for 5 years with the same combination and well over 100,000 miles.

So Tommy would not be back to attempt another qualifying with the broken shaft but we had two more entries for this round of qualifying. Alan Eckert and Stephan Schawaroch were both at East Coast Supercharging getting finishing touches on their rides and raced to the track in time to make the second qualifier. Schawaroch, who’s ECS built 346ci twin turbo car has seen 140 mph in the past was breaking up a bit and can only muster the #8 spot running 11.953 @ 127.74. Eckert's car, which underwent a complete transformation from supercharged to turbo powered in just one week, had not been down the track yet, (more info on the transformation on He basically made a shakedown pass in the car and qualified #6 with an 11.690 pass @ 123.40 mph bumping Zona to the #7 spot. Sabolevsky was not able to improve on his 11.302 qualifying pass and held he 5th position. The top four spots did not change position form the first qualifier but each driver did improve on his elapsed time. Shen was in at 10.148, Young at 10.211, Outten at 10.263 and Perez at 11.074. Enough qualifying, let's race!

For today's Corvette Challenge bracket results click here.

Pro 10.0 Runner-up Pro 10 Group Pro 10.0 Winner
Runner-up Edgar Perez Race 5 Winner David Shen

Photos by John McCartney

Round 1

David Shen (1) and Tom Sabolevsky (5) would be first on the track. The drivers staged and the tree flashed and Sabolevsky was out first with a .266 to Shen's .307 on the .500 pro tree (keep in mind, these cars are not really set up for pro tree racing). Shen's Corvette made up the tree disadvantage quickly and crossed the finish line first with a 10.184 @ 131.64 to Sabolevsky's 11.009 @ 127.59 (he would later make a time shot and got the car into the 10's). The race of the day was the next pair to the line. Chris Young (2) would face Alan Eckert (6). Young was out for the EFI session earlier and had himself a stack of time slips from running two classes and lots of data so his car was dialed in. Eckert was making only his second pass with the combination. Young who is typically deadly on the pro tree was struggling and cut a .206 light. Eckert who usually struggles on the tree cut a spectacular .068 reaction time. They raced fender to fender the entire length of the track. At the finish line, Young would get the better pass with a 10.283 @ 132.39 but Eckert would get the win in a hole shot with a 10.380 @ 136.47. A hole shot is what you call a win when a driver with the slower ET gets the win over a quicker car due to getting "out of the hole" (starting line) quicker (better reaction time)thus, "The Hole Shot". David Outten (3) would take on Rob Zona (7) in the next pair. Zona has gotten his Z06 Corvette to run a personal best 10.55 but could not approach the time today. Zona took a shot at the tree and cut a more than spectacular .033 light hoping for a hole shot of his own. It wasn't there however. Outten got the win with a 10.238 @ 128.75 to Zona's 11.533 @ 127.58. The final pair would be the previous event winner, me, Edgar Perez (4) against the new driver, "The Undertaker" Stephan Schawaroch (8). As stated before, Stephen's car was breaking up so he was fortunate to be paired with me as we were both in the 11s. I was off first and took the win light with an 11.068 @ 120.61 to 11.673 @ 127.01. And we were off to the second round.

Round 2

The Red Sled" would be paired with Eckert's turbo Navy Blue Corvette code named "Blue". As we were sitting under the tower waiting for the barrage of bikes to finish their passes, Alan was summoned out of his car as a fluid leak was spotted under it. ECS's Doug Ring came over to take a look and they could not patch it up so the car was disqualified from the round and I would be fortunate and take a competition single into the final. The next match up between the two Dave's promised to be a great match of low 10-second Corvettes. Shen (1) was out first with a stellar .037 reaction and Outten immediately broke the tires loose. The race was lost so Outten got out of it. Shen took the win with a 10.178 @ 131.37.

Final Round

For the second Pro 10.0 in a row I had made it to the final with an 11-second car. I tried all day to get it in the 10's. I tried it all, shocks, pressure, weight, but no good. Shen, as you have read, was running the same number every pass so I would have to expect I would be taking a beating. But, hey, anything can happen as we saw in the last Pro 10.0. So I lined it up against Shen and hit the tree as hard as I could but....but that did not work out. Shen was out first and though he did move a bit out of the grove, he brought it back and took the easy win 10.179 @ 129.12 to my 10.986 @ 124.66. Yes, on the 19th pass of the day for me, I finally felt like I belong in the Pro 10.0 with my first 10-second pass of the season. But enough about me, it is David Shen's day and the way he drove that midyear today, he deserved it. So congratulations to the Shen team.

Congratulate David Shen and the rest of the drivers and sponsors on

Awards and Payouts Today

  • Winner David Shen earned a payout of $100 in addition to the winner trophy
  • Runner-up Edgar Perez earned a payout of $50 in addition to the runner-up trophy
  • Number 1 Qualifier David Shen received a plaque for his 10.148 qualifying run
  • Alan Eckert received the Best Reaction Time plaque for the best winning reaction time in the first round at .068

Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Points Standings

One race to go and David Outten holds a 3-point lead over Edgar Perez and 4-point lead over David Shen and Alan Eckert though Shen is credited for third place with one event win. Outten will clinch the fist ever Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Championship by qualifying and taking the tree, (stage point), in the next and final race. Should Outten not make the next race, which there seems to be no reason he cannot, Perez or Shen can win the Championship. Perez would win if Outten does not show and wins the event. Shen can win if Outten does not show and he wins the event. That is not so confusing but try to figure out the scenarios for 2nd place! A lot would have to happen but even Chris Young in 7th place with 5 points has a mathematical chance of taking 2nd place.
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Thanks to our sponsors

Special thanks go out to our Pro 10.0 sponors: Cartek Racing, Silly Goose Racing Stables, Best Western in East Brunswick, Marchese Homes, LLC and Lucid Diagnostic Imaging Services, LLC.

Next Race

The Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Index will make up its September 2, 2006 on Saturday November 11, 2006 with gates opening just before 9:00 AM. All are welcome to come out and see this exciting new class. See you there.


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Can You Be Perfect?

Still up for grabs is the Pro 10.0 dead-on award of $50 courtesy of Lucid Diagnostics Imaging Services, LLC . If you score the first perfect 10.00, also known as being "dead-on", either in qualifying or eliminations in the Pro 10.0, you will get the honor and cash. The driver should bring it to the attention of our coordinator, Joe Amodea, in the lanes or Edgar Perez and at the end of the day, Raceway Park will award the cash and take a picture and you will forever be recognized as the first to go 10.00.

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