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Today is Wednesday March 21, 2018      
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2014 Schedule
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David Shen Wins Second Event and David Outten Clinches the Championship

by Edgar Perez

Qualifiers - Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Index presented by Silly Goose Racing Stables
1John Carter 10.021 138.19
2David Shen 10.159 130.35
3Alan Eckert 10.211 130.19
4David Outten 10.239 131.82
5Chris Young 10.304 130.91
6Rob Macgregor 10.610 128.31
7Michael Conway 10.784 127.17
8Jason Anderson 10.935 127.25
Did not qualify
9Edgar Perez 10.938 123.64
10Stephen Schawaroch 10.960 136.28
11Dr Rob Zona 11.265 123.13
11/11/06 - Englishtown, NJ - The Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Index presented by Silly Goose Racing Stables completed its 4th race of the season today thought it was the fifth time out on the track as this was the make up of the September 2, 2006 event, alongside the East Coast Supercharging Corvette Challenge. Turnout for this finale of the inaugural Pro 10.0 season was spectacular. There were 12 Corvettes out in all attempting to make this final field. Davie Outten needed only to qualify and stage the car first round to clinch the title, and he did. Second place in the standings was open to about five drivers depending on how it all ended up. Event winner David Shen took that 2nd place spot earning the other of the two jackets to be handed out to our top two Pro 10.0 drivers. Jay McCardle from PA was ready to play but hurt the car. On his first time trial he launched and broke finishing off his Level 3 trans. He has a new Level 5 wating to go in and will be returning next year to run the Pro 10.0 Index class.

For today's Corvette Challenge bracket results click here.


Round one of qualifying and 11 Corvettes would attempt to get into the field. In the 11th position was "The Undertaker" Stephen Schawaroch from NY with his turbo ECS prepped 2003 Corvette. Shifting was not on his side and Stephen would be at the bottom of the qualifying list with 15.779. Dr Rob Zona with his heads/cam Cartek prepped Z06 was in the 10th position as he failed to get the Z in the 10s with an 11.265 @ 123.13 run. On the outside looking in by a mere .003 was me and The Red Sled. The Vette Doctors prepped heads/cam car hustled down the track at 10.938 @ 123.64 and not in the field by .003 or about 10 lbs. In the bump spot at number 8 was Jason Anderson with his self built stroked LS2 motor FRC. He was in the field at 10.935 @ 127.25. Michael Conway was out for the first time in the Pro 10.0 with the Cartek built nitrous motor 99 Corvette. He held the 7th position with a 10.784 @ 127.17. Rob Macgregor was also at his first Pro 10.0 with his Cartek built supercharged C6 Corvette that ran 10.0 in the Vette Doctors Pro 8 Shootout the prior week. This week however the weather and perhaps something else was holding him back but he was in at number 6 with a 10.610 @ 128.31 pass. Chris Young and tuner Paul Thompson were back programming the stroked naturally aspirated C4. They tweaked it to a 10.304 @ 130.91 and the number 5 spot on the ladder. David Outten, made a great pass to put his naturally aspirated C4 in the number 4 position with a 10.239 @ 131.82. Alan Eckert had his twin turbo C5 ECS Corvette in the field safely with a10.211 @ 130.19 and the number 3 position. David Shen wheeled his 1965 Corvette, with motor for sale, in the number 2 spot with a 10.159 @ 130.35. In the number one position at the end of this qualifying session was John Carter with the Blue Convertible nitrous fed 2000 Corvette. He was at his first Pro 10.0 as well this season and in the number 1 qualifier spot with a 10.117 @ 137.47 with one more to go. We had our first all 10-second car field in the history of the Pro 10.0.

Pro 10.0 Runner-up Pro 10 Group Pro 10.0 Winner
Runner-up John Carter Winner David Shen and dad, Coordinators Joe Amodea and Edgar Perez, Runner-up John Carter and team with Bob Trieschmann Race 3 Winner David Shen

Round 2 of qualifying brought no change to the ladder order but was not short of drama. John Carter bettered his number one position by going 10.021 @ 138.19. None of the other drivers improved on their position within the ladder but Stephen Schawaroch improved to the number 10 position getting a clean run of 10.960 @ 136.28. Where is the drama you say? Well, wanting the get into the field to hold my number 2 position in points, I underwent a drastic weight reduction effort in the pits. Tony Abbruzze and Dennis Kazimir helped me remove a few unneeded parts. My guess was I left 40 lbs sitting on my trailer that were with me first pass. We get under the tower and Jason, holding the bump spot is in the pair before me. I watch to see if he improves and would you believe he runs another 10.935 (his second) and is still just .003 away from me. Now I am feeling good. 40 lbs is worth about .04 so bumping is very likely. I pull up and prestage. Then ever so slight move in to stage. Then all of the sudden the "DIC" goes ding!. I look down 250 degrees water temp. I look up and the starter was waving me off the pass. I had over heated the sled. and spilled fluid on the starting line. Luckily Eddie Kraiwec caught the fluid and killed the pass before I something tragic would happen. I am very grateful. I am also very embarrassed. In my 7 years of racing, that is the first time I have ever spilled anything on the track. It was caught quickly enough so the spill did not take long to clean up. As I was getting pushed off the line, the dejection settled in, I would not make the field. Tony, Dennis and Joe Amodea came over to see what had happened. After some searching and talking through what we had done, we realized we failed to connect the ground wire to the electric water pump and thus no cooling was happening causing the overflow. Back in the pits, Dennis looked for place to reconnect the wire but we had to do a little surgery to the wire (sorry Carm) and David Shen brought over a box of connecter, wire and tools to do the surgery. Then he tells me Alan Eckert, may not make it and I may still get in the field. We went over to Alan and turns out they blew a head gasket and would not be able to compete so I ended up getting his spot in the number three position. I am saddened to get in this way but I will take it.

Round 1

David Shen (2) would face Rob Macgregor (6) in the first round. Shen was off with a .195 to .297 advantage on the tree and crossed the finish line ahead of Macgregor with a better ET as well 10.217 @ 129.7 to 10.512 @ 129.97 for Macgregor who got the bug worked out apparently but it was not enough. David Outten (4) was out next needing only to take the green light to clinch the championship. That he did and he did it well. .071 to .189 reaction time advantage over Jason Anderson (8) and at the finish it was the Champ, Outten 10.403 @ 123.97 to 10.709 at 127.88 for Anderson who went quicker than his qualifying passes. John Carter (1) and Chris Young (5) were next. Young took a slight advantage off the tree with a .125 to .184 reaction times. Young, however slowed from his qualifying time to a 10.563 @ 130.28 and that was not enough to hold off Carter with a 10.259 @ 132.93. The final pair, two Torch Red '99 Corvettes. Could not tell them apart were it not for the tire and wing on Michael Conway's (7) car and not on mine (3 thanks to being the alternate). I brought the car in deep to cut the best light I could. I left on Mike with a .153 to .500 reaction time. Mike quicker qualifying so I was hoping I can hold onto that advantage. I did. Luck had struck again and I was able to advance with an 11.260 @ 124.33 to the quicker Conway car at 11.074 @ 129.60.

Congratulate Dave Outten on his championship on the corvette forum.

Round 2

Now this round was weird. I was running both the Challenge and Pro 10.0 so I had to keep my battery charging between passes. So I am charging the battery when I hear on the load speaker That David Shen was pulling into the burnout box. Holy crap I am going to miss the call. I jumped into the car and go flying down the staging lanes. Alan is waving me by like a third base couch waving the runner home to the game winning run. As I am pulling around I see David Outten with the hood up behind the wall. The car would not start. Shen had gotten a single winning his round with an easy 10.803 pass @ 96.59. Later in the pits, Shen helped Outten diagnose the problem and they found that the quick disconnect between the battery and cutoff swith had a wire damaged cutting off all power to the car. I looked forward and there is Carter in the burnout box. I don't even have my helmet on or belts done. Carter's team-mate Michael saves the day and asked Carter to wait before staging and he did being the good sportsman that he is. I hustle and do a burnout and start to pull out the box struggling to tighten the belts and do my helmet strap. My heart is pounding, I want to make the pass. I pull in and double bulb to prep to go deep. John pre stages, I go deep, John stages. Yellows flash and I am off. I have the lead with a .203 reaction time. 330 mark and John has not passed me but has cut my .5 lead to .38. He is a full second quicker than me so I expect to see him flash by any second. 1/8 mile I can see his is catching me but I still have the lead by .232. 1000' I still have a .083 lead. 320 feet to go. Just enough distance for him to catch me and pass me. He took the stripe by .054. The dream Pro 10.0 season had ended for me. Carter had enough power to overcome an early spin to run 10.667 @ 134.95 to my 11.147 @ 124.52.

Final Round

Carter (1) and Shen (2) as it should be with the two quickest qualifiers. Carter sticks with the left lane and Shen goes right. Shen is out of the hole first .218 to .227. As they ran up track Shen struggled with traction a little and you can hear Carter's converter lock at what sounded like a little bit early to most. They were side by side to the finish line and the win light goes to Shen who was 10.243 @ 130.09 to Carter's 10.338 @ 133.86. This was very exciting finish and Shen took the win by only a tenth of a second. The win moves Shen into 2nd place in points and earns him the coveted Jacket.

Congratulate David Shen and the rest of the drivers and sponsors on the Corvette Forum

Awards and Payouts Today

  • Winner David Shen earned a payout of $100 in addition to the winner trophy
  • Runner-up John Carter earned a payout of $50 in addition to the runner-up trophy
  • Number 1 Qualifier John Carter received a plaque for his 10.450 qualifying run
  • David Outten received the Best Reaction Time plaque for the best winning reaction time in the first round at .071

Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Points Standings

David Outten finishes the season with 14 points, one event win and the Championship. David Shen finishes second with 12 points and two event wins. Each will earn a Jacket for their accomplishment.
Click for points standings

Thanks to our sponsors

Special thanks go out to our Pro 10.0 sponors: Cartek Racing, Silly Goose Racing Stables, Best Western in East Brunswick, Marchese Homes, LLC and Lucid Diagnostic Imaging Services, LLC.

Next Race

Well we will have to wait until 2007 to run again. The Cartek Pro 10.0 is sure to be back.

In addition, we will likely be running a Pro 10.0 class similar to this one at the 2007 National Corvette Challenge in Richmond Virginia on February 24, 2007. Visit for more details and to pre register.


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Can You Be Perfect?

Still up for grabs is the Pro 10.0 dead-on award of $50 courtesy of Lucid Diagnostics Imaging Services, LLC . If you score the first perfect 10.00, also known as being "dead-on", either in qualifying or eliminations in the Pro 10.0, you will get the honor and cash. The driver should bring it to the attention of our coordinator, Joe Amodea, in the lanes or Edgar Perez and at the end of the day, Raceway Park will award the cash and take a picture and you will forever be recognized as the first to go 10.00.

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