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Today is Wednesday March 21, 2018      
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David Outten Wins his First Pro 10.0!

by Edgar Perez

Qualifiers - Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Index presented by Silly Goose Racing Stables
1Paul Ziajski 10.019 142.06
2David Outten10.193 133.30
3David Shen 10.337 129.34
4Tommy Michalkowski 10.562 129.89
5Alan Eckert 10.838 122.34
6Edgar Perez 11.319 118.70
7Mark Shaw 11.696 116.34
8Troy Nikola12.774 111.54
Did not qualify
05/13/06 - Englishtown, NJ - The Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Index presented by Silly Goose Racing Stables completed its second race today alongside the East Coast Supercharging Corvette Challenge. Eight participants attempted qualifying passes today meaning each one would make the field. Attendance has been sparse in the first two races although 21 drives have signed up for the class. The average ET and MPH for the eight qualifiers was 10.967 and 125.43 which fell short of setting records to the first race of the season which was 10.813 and 127.11. We expect that record to fall when other low 10-second cars make their debuts at the next Pro 10.0 race.


Paul Ziajski was number one in qualifying after the first qualifying session when he lit the boards with a 10.428 @ 138.26. Mark Shaw and Alan Eckert each found themselves on the bottom after having run their cars under the 10.0 index at 9.892 and 9.890 respectively. Tommy Michalkowski, Edgar Perez and David Shen rounded out the 6 drivers that made qualifying passes this round.

Ziajski kept the number one position but bettering the ET running just .019 over with a 10.019 @ 142.06 in the Cartek/Neverlift prepped twin turbo solid rear Z06. David Outten, who did not make the first qualifying call brought his C4 into the second spot with a 10.193 @ 133.30. David Shen moved up to third spot with at 10.337 followed by Michalkowski in the single turbo Vette in the fourth spot with a 10.562. The bottom half of the ladder was led by Alan Eckert who brought home his East Coast Supercharging supercharged Vette in the fifth spot with a 10.838 followed by Edgar Perez in the Vette Doctors heads/cam car in sixth with an 11.319. Closing out the field were Mark Shaw in the nitrous C3 with 496 ci motor in the seventh spot at 11.696 and Troy Nikola in the Anger Management Michalkowski twin Vette at 12.774 with a single turbo making is maiden voyage passes. No other cars attempted to qualify for the race.

For today's Corvette Challenge bracket results click here.

Pro 8 Group
Runner-up David Shen David Shen and his Dad with David Outten Race 2 Winner David Outten

Round 1

The two Anger Management cars were up first for Round 1. Michalkowski, the builder would get an easy win when Nikola could not complete the pass. Tommy coasted to an 11.645 @ 115.47 win. Paul Ziajski and Alan Eckert went to battle long before this first round pair when they went at it on the Corvette Forum. The drivers bickered and bantered back and fourth providing for a very interesting match up in this paring. It was Ziajski getting the last point in on the track when he piloted his twin turbo Corvette to a 10.296 @ 128.20 with .229 reaction time to defeat a quicker but losing Eckert who clocked a 10.282 @ 139.17 with a .415 time. The two early generation cars would be the next pair out with David Shen in his C2 completing another hole shot win when he ran 10.454 @ 129.27 with a stellar .070 reaction time over Mark Shaw, C3, how was quicker at 10.079 @ 136.17 but was ill-fated by his .495 reaction time. David Outten, runner-up of the first event got easy pickings over Edgar Perez when Perez took a guess at the tree and came up red with a -.229. Outten ran his C4 to a 10.130 @ 132.36 with a .082 reaction time.

Round 2

As it should be, the top 4 qualifiers were left for the semi-final round. Number 2 qualifier David Outten took on Michalkowski. He took the lead and never gave it up running 10.236 @ 124.63 with a .111 reaction time to Tommy's .193 RT and 10.546 @ 130.53. The next pair was the number 1 qualifier, Ziajski vs. number 3 qualifier Shen. Ziajski left first but went red with a -.016 light giving the win to Shen with a 10.879 at 94 MPH as he slowed after seeing the win light saving the parts for the next round.

Final Round

So Outten was in his second final while Shen was in his first. Outten would bring his turquoise green 1990 Corvette to the line vs. Shen's red 1965 Corvette. The two were off with Shen in the lead with a .075 reaction to Outten's .101. The pair raced to the finish and it was Outten, first to the stripe with a 10.133 @ 131.72 taking the slight margin of .159 second to Shen's 10.318 @ 129.02 in a very exciting heads-up finish to the Pro 10.0 Index race.

Congratulate David Outten and the rest of the drivers and sponsors on the Corvette Forum

Awards and Payouts Today

  • Winner David Outten earned a payout of $100 in addition to the winner trophy
  • Runner-up David Shen earned a payout of $50 in addition to the runner-up trophy
  • Number 1 Qualifier Paul Ziajski received a plaque for his 10.049 qualifying run
  • David Shen received the Best Reaction Time plaque for the best winning reaction time in the first round at .070

Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Points Standings

The points standings tightened up with Ziajski losing in the semi-finals. With Outten taking the win, we have a tie for first place with Outten and Ziajski having 7 points and a win each. Alan Eckert holds a 1-point lead in third over Tommy Michalkoski with 5 points.
Click for points standings

Thanks to our sponsors

Special thanks go out to our Pro 10.0 sponors: Cartek Racing, Silly Goose Racing Stables, Best Western in East Brunswick, Marchese Homes, LLC and Lucid Diagnostic Imaging Services, LLC.

Next Race

The Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Index will be back in action on July 29, 2006. See you there.

Pictures and Videos

  • Sorry no video from today's event

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Can You Be Perfect?

Still up for grabs is the Pro 10.0 dead-on award of $50 courtesy of Lucid Diagnostics Imaging Services, LLC . If you score the first perfect 10.00, also known as being "dead-on", either in qualifying or eliminations in the Pro 10.0, you will get the honor and cash. The driver should bring it to the attention of our coordinator, Joe Amodea, in the lanes or Edgar Perez and at the end of the day, Raceway Park will award the cash and take a picture and you will forever be recognized as the first to go 10.00.

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