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Paul Ziajski Wins the First Ever Pro 10.0!

by Edgar Perez

Qualifiers - Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Index presented by Silly Goose Racing Stables
1David Outten10.049 133.34
2Alan Eckert 10.273 138.64
3Paul Ziajski 10.385 135.37
4Jason Anderson10.944 125.15
5Tommy Michalkowski 10.949 127.19
6David Shen 11.205 123.37
7Edgar Perez 11.305 117.10
8Chris Young11.400 116.78
Did not qualify
9Rob Zona 11.477 112.30
10Paul Major 13.587 79.36
04/01/06 - Englishtown, NJ - This was no April Fool's joke. The Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Index presented by Silly Goose Racing Stables made its debut today alongside the East Coast Supercharging Corvette Challenge. The new class where the eight quickest Corvettes that do not go quicker than 10.0 in the quarter mile, was underway with 12 of the 20 registered drivers attempting to qualify for the 8 spots. The qualifying field was filled with Pro 8 Shootout crossover drivers and, returning driver David Shen who last made an appearance in 2004 and new Pro 10.0 driver David Outten from Vienna, VA who qualified in the top spot.


Only seven cars made it to the starting line for the first of two qualifying sessions. It seemed that all would make the field. Several drivers had traction issues and after the first qualifier only two had managed 10-second passes with Outten heading the pack with a 10.097 @ 132.02 followed by Paul Ziajski at 10.385 @ 135.37. The quickest 11-second car holding the third spot was me, with the Red Sled at 11.305 @ 117.10. Before our second qualifying session, two other drivers had arrived, Alan Eckert and Tommy Michalkowski, and were ready to give it their all in their one and only qualifying shot. A dark cloud above opened up and hit us with a rain delay before our second session. The cloud passed and while it was passing, Eckert's East Coast Supercharging team was hard at work tuning the car that had to have its computer re-flashed to stock due to a mishap at the shop where the computer damaged. Carmen Melillo, The Vette Doctors co-owner, did the flash in the spirit of keeping the competition fun and then Chris Coriell, East Coast Supercharging co-owner did the tuning.

At the completion of the second qualifying session, Outten kept the number one spot and bettered his ET to 10.049 @ 133.34. Eckert used the newly tuned pcm to capture the second spot with a 10.273 knocking Ziajski down to third. Jason Anderson got a clean run in and moved himself up to the number 4 spot with a 10.944 while Michalkowski placed himself into the 5th spot with a 10.949. David Shen bettered his first qualifier but lost a spot falling to number 6 at 11.205 before bowing out of comptetition with an issue with the car. I did not make a second qualifier due to an issue with "the sled" and bowed out as well having made the field in the number 7 spot. The bump spot driver was not going to attempt a qualifying pass as his car was not ready but saw the field was light and jumped in Ralph Savarese’s car and made the field on at 11.400. Two drivers did not qualify. Dr Rob Zona could not get his Z06 down the track cleanly either time and missed the field with a best 11.477 and Paul Major, with his 66 Corvette with freshened motor had trouble getting down the track and only pulled a 13.587.

As stated previously, David Shen took himself out of competition and he was replaced by the first alternate, Rob Zona. I could not make first round so my spot went to second alternate, Major, but he had a leaking transmission problem so he also bowed out and this left us with 7 Corvettes for the inaugural Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Index race.

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Pro 8 Group
Runner up Alan Eckert
Photo by Chris Young
Bob Trieschmann, Runnerup Alan Eckert, Winner Paul Ziajski, Sponsor Julio Hormilla (Cartek), Edgar Perez, Pro 10.0 Joe Amodea
Photo by Chris Young
Race 1 Winner Paul Ziajski
Photo by Chris Young

Round 1

Paul Ziajski would be up first with no opponent on the competition single. With total disregard for the tree, he made a clean pass and ran a 10.244 pass, better than his best qualifying pass. Outten was up next against Michalkowski in his supercharged and nitrous car. Outten got the reaction time advantage with a .079 and completed ran 10.120 @ 121.79 as Michalkowski was to cross the finish line at behind him at 10.957. Next up was Anderson against Young in the borrowed car. Young would attempt to make up some track time up at the tree and drilled it and came within three-thousandths of a second of a perfect light but on the wrong side. Anderson did not really need the help as he was quicker at 10.821 to Young's 11.383. Rob Zona was out next with his Cartek 3x heads and cam package agains Alan Eckert and he took the same approach as Young with the same result going red by one-hundredth of a second. Eckert also did not need the help as he ran 10.010 at 140.18 just one-thousandth shy of being the first "dead-on" driver and collecting a $50 bonus from Lucid Diagnostic Imaging.

Round 2

With four cars and two rounds left to determine the first Pro 10.0 winner, Eckert and Anderson would bring their cars to the line first. Eckert was packing an ECS powered 402 assisted by Paxton supercharger and Anderson running his self built naturally aspirated motor. As the tree lit, they were off but Anderson barely traveled a few inches as the it appeared the output shaft had given up for the day. Eckert didn't risk running under so he crossed the line with a 10.542 @ 111.75. The next pair would be the 3 vs. 1 qualified cars. Ziajski sporting the Cartek 346 cubic inch "new" twin turbos, and Outten running naturally in his 1990 Corvette. Ziajski was out of the hole first with a .047 and Outten followed at .102. The pair ripped up the track side-by-side the entire length. This one was hard to call. The margin of victory was 19-thousandths of a second. Ziajski got the hole shot win with a 10.088 @ 139.16 to Outten's quicker but losing 10.050 @ 131.73.

Final Round

The Final was set for Eckert and Ziajski. The 2 and 3 qualifiers would fight it out for the honor of being the first Pro 10.0 winner ever. Ziajski was on his game as he has been prepping his car for this class over the last few weeks and was out of the hole with a .003 reaction. Eckert was late but was motoring down chasing the Z06. Ziajski got to the finsh line first for the win with a 10.134 @ 138.81. Eckert ran under chasing and finished with a quicker but losing and disqualified 9.838 @ 142.04. Ziajski took the stripe by nearly 8-hundredths of a second with his second hole shot victory of the day. Ziajski earns the honor of being the first winner of the Pro 10.0 Index class and also the distinction of being the first to win both a Pro 10.0 Index and Pro 8 Shootout, ever and in the same season having won the first Pro 8 Shootout of the season a few weeks earlier.

Congratulate Paul Ziajski and the rest of the drivers and sponsors on the Corvette Forum

Awards and Payouts Today

  • Winner Paul Ziajski earned a payout of $100 in addition to the winner trophy
  • Runner-up Alan Eckert earned a payout of $50 in addition to the runner-up trophy
  • Number 1 Qualifier David Outten received a plaque for his 10.049 qualifying run
  • David Outten received the Best Reaction Time plaque for the best winning reaction time in the first round at .079

Points Standings

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Thanks to our sponsors

Special thanks go out to our Pro 10.0 sponors: Cartek Racing, Silly Goose Racing Stables, Best Western in East Brunswick, Marchese Homes, LLC and Lucid Diagnostic Imaging Services, LLC.

Next Race

The Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 Index will be back in action on May 13, 2006. See you there.

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