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Today is Wednesday March 21, 2018      
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Ralph Savarese wins Event 9 of 2002 Cartek Corvette Challenge

Event Winner Ralph Savarese
John Mackey, runner-up Frank Fiori, winner Ralph Savarese and Bob Trieschmann
John Mackey, runner-up Frank Fiori, winner Ralph Savarese and Bob Trieschmann
Ralph Savarese followed last week's Title Championship (Title Champion) clinching performance by winning the 9th of event of the 2002 Cartek Corvette Challenge series and his third Challenge event in 2 years. Savarese survived 6 rounds and took the win over Newark, DE's Frank Fiori with a mere 2 thousandths of a second from hitting a perfect reaction time going red at .498. Savarese in his 96 skinned Black 85 Corvette Coupe dialed 11.76 and ran 11.777 on a .551 light in spite of getting the automatic win. Fiori, appearing in his second Challenge career final having won the first, dialed 12.96 and ran 12.970 to put up a quite impressive package that may have resulted in a win for him had he not gone red. Fiori drives a Black 79 Corvette that is making one of it's last appearances in our races as a non fuel injected car as a conversion to fuel injection is planned over the winter. Before the final, Fiori used his lucky coin to win the coin flip for his lane choice. Unfortunately for Frank the coin did not have enough luck. The final was held up for over 10 minutes as a Porsche had to wheel dollied off the starting line as Old Bridge Township Raceway Park was also running a Porsche Club Challenge similar to the Corvette Challenge on this day.

Fiori got into the final in an exciting semi-final run against Skillman, NJ's Dave Tortolani when Tortolani hit the tree with a usually unbeatable .505 light but Fiori hit his tree just as hard with a .504. It came down to who took the stripe and Fiori just did make it ahead of Dave. Tortolani, (Tortolani Racing) is one of our 2002 Associate Sponsors. The other semi-final featured even more fire. Unfortunately for Brick, NJ's John Mackey, it was a real fire (click for image). As Mackey was staging, shouts of "fire" came from the stands as flames flowed from under the right side fender of Mackey's 1996 Torch Red Coupe. Track officials quickly swung into action before even Mackey realized what was going on to put the flames out. Savarese took the single as Mackey was pushed off to the side to find that the transmission cooler line broke and that caused the fire. Mackey patched it up and was able to drive his Corvette safely home. It was an unfortunate end to Mackey's day as he was having a career day on the lights including .522, .506, .585 in the eliminator and a perfect .500 in time trials.

Keith Brownlee wins his second Quick 4 race

Quick 4 Group Shot
John Mackey, Brent Grigsby, winner Keith Brownlee, Sponsor Chris Coriell (East Coast Supercharging), runner-up Mark Ramos, and Bob Trieschmann
John Mackey, Brent Grigsby, winner Keith Brownlee, Sponsor Chris Coriell (East Coast Supercharging), runner-up Mark Ramos, and Bob Trieschmann
East Coast Supercharging backed the 3rd Quick 4 Heads-Up race of the 2002 season and Keith Brownlee took his second Quick 4 run of the year. The starting field was Keith Brownlee at number 1, Paul Major at number 2, Mark Ramos at 3 and Brent Grigsby at 4. Unfortunately for Major he was disqualified for not meeting NHRA safety guidelines. Bill Maloney at the number 5 spot was inserted into the number 4 spot and Ramos and Grigsby moved up.

The first round featured Ramos and Grigsby in a very close race won by Ramos running in the 10.9 range all day. Both these cars feature Cartek X packages. The other match had Maloney vs. Brownlee. Brownlee treated us to some exited as after the wheel lifting launch and getting the front wheels back down on the ground he got a little lose. He then got back into it only to get the wheels back into the air. Maloney could not however take the win as Brownlee's car was just too quick. Brownlee easily took the win in the Quick 4 final over Ramos. Brownlee's Corvette features a supercharger and Maloney's a 383 cubic inch motor and a 100 shot of Nitrous built by The Vette Doctors.

Today's event featured 57 cars making first round. The final event of the 2002 Cartek Corvette Challenge will be held on the following Saturday, November 9, 2002.

Some statistics from Corvette Challenge Event 9

Time # % Ladder for Event 9 featured John Mackey, George Esposito, Mike Wicks, Frank Fiori, David Tortolani, Bill Fischer, Louis Calicchia, Ellis Gray, Bob Sebrowski, Ralph Savarese, Paul Pinajian, Jim Kovitch, Joe Signore, Shawn Cavanaugh
10 3 5%
11 8 14%
12 25 44%
13 12 21%
14 7 12%
15 1 2%
17 1 2%
Total 57 100%
(above) dial-in times for 1st round.

Congratulations to the drivers that made the ladder in round 3. Making the ladder means each driver won 2 rounds. This week's ladder featured 14 drivers of which 6 were in their first ladder of the season. Again you can see how this series is open to all to win. Good job drivers.

Cash and Prizes awarded drivers courtesy of our sponsors.

  • Event winner Ralph Savarese went home with $200 cash a gift certificates for a $100 from Pro Torque and the Event Winner Shore Motorsports sponsored Trophy. Shore Motorsports is located in Howell, NJ and can be reached at 732-370-2067 or on the web at Cartek Racing is in Garwood, NJ and can be reached at 908-317-4496 or on the web at
  • Runner-up Frank Fiori went home with $100 cash, a $50 gift certificate from Pro Torque, and the event Runner-up Vette Doctors sponsored Trophy. The Vette Doctors are located in Amityville, NY and can be reached at 631-841-0779 or on the web at Pro Torque, in Bohemia, NY can be found at or by calling 631-218-8700.
  • Semi-finalists Dave Tortolani and John Mackey each won $50 cash for their semi-final appearances.
  • All winners of the first round were awarded a trophy sponsored by CFM Racing. With 57 Corvettes making 1st round Chris Coriell, Frank Schear, (Mr Mojo) and Mike Moran gave out 29 trophies.
  • Walden Farms gift packageFrank Fiori won the Closest to Dial Award sponsored by Walden Farms by running a 13.098 on a 13.10 dial. Though Fiori broke out he still took the win as his opponent went red handing him the win. You are eligible for this prize even if you break out. Unfortunately, Fiori's prize consisting of a beautiful gift package from Walden Farms filled with low calorie low carbohydrate products was not available at the track but will be mailed to him shortly. You can purchase Walden Farms products at local grocery stores or on the web at
  • Ohh so Close Award of Zaino productsKeith Brownlee won the "Ohh so Close Award" sponsored by Zaino when he was edged out in the 1st round by the smallest margin of victory. That number is the MOV number on your time slip. Although he lost in the 1st round by the smallest Margin of Victory, .026 he earned a Zaino starter package that includes Z1, Z2, Z6, Z7 and a polish pad. Brownlee also was the Quick 4 winner. Zaino products can be purchased online at or at Shore Motorsports on Route 9 in Howell.
  • John Policastro won the Almost Perfect Award sponsored by Marotta Racing when he took himself out in the 1st round with the red light closest to .500. Policastro's light was .498 and for that he earned a $50 gift certificate to the Raceway Park Souvenir store donated by Lenny Marotta of Marotta Racing .
  • John Mackey won the "John Panuzzo Jr. Memorial Trophy" donated by Team Panuzzo Racing for the best winning reaction time in the 1st round. Mackey was quickest on the tree in the 1st round when his RT was .522 taking the win easily. Unfortunately, Panuzzo was not there to present the award.

Cartek Corvette Challenge helps Toys for Teens & Tots

The 50/50 raffle was held at the track and the racers and spectators hopeful of winning the money while helping out a worthy organization put together $230. $115 was donated to the St. Peters church in Jersey City to Sister Grace for the Toys for Teens & Tots fund from the Cartek Corvette Challenge. Special thanks go to Jaymie Shuleski and Mariana Trieschmann making the rounds to collect the money. The 50/50 will be held at each of the Cartek Corvette Challenges this year. Please see Jaymie or Mariana in the staging lanes if they do not find you first. You do not have to be a Corvette Challenge racer to participate. Raceway Park officer, Tim, thanks the Corvette Challenge racers and their fans for supporting the Toys for Teens & Tots. To date we have donated $1,144. to the organization. Thank you for your continued support.


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