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Bill Wilson wins 2002 Event 2

Event 2 winner Bill Wilson receives trophy from John Mackey with Bill's girlfriend Jane to the right All watched in anticipation as the ominous black Corvette pulled into the burnout box, a quick dry hop to get the tires wet and then a good 'ol fashion roast-'em-to-the-cords burnout to make sure adhesion was at it's best. The yellows come down and bang the dark coupe is gone in a flash. Then, the scoreboard told it all--11.50, at a terminal velocity of 126 mph. That was the gauntlet thrown down by Bill "Boweryboy" Maloney with his 1997 Corvette, to set off the 2nd Cartek Corvette Challenge of the season. With such a strong field and impressive turnout at the 1st event, everyone knew the 2nd time around would be even more impressive. A record-breaking total of 79 Corvettes of all vintages and various stages of owner-induced alterations were lined up in the staging lanes, all looking to take the crown from the event's own Edgar Perez, the first season event winner. Even though, this event's turnout was record breaking, it was still a few cars shy, because 20 or so additional owners of GM's premier performance car were making their presence known at the Corvette Forum Cruise In at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Nevertheless, there were more then enough participants on hand, even some from as far away as, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut and the most east ends of New York to enjoy the event and put on a show for all spectators, family and friends alike.

As it went, you couldn't have asked for a better day for some serious strip action. Though, there was a slight scare of some light rain possible later in the day, the sun and 80-degree temps held strong and kept the event flowing smoothly. All racers were eager to get their time shots in and get started. Cartek Racing, the event's main sponsor, brought several of their more prominent customers out to wow the crowds and do battle with the competition. Even Cartek co-owner Julio Hormilla's son Max was on hand with his 1999 Torch Red hardtop, complete with a cold air package, LS6 intake, headers, cat-back exhaust and a set of 4.10 gears, to do his father proud with some ETs in the 12.40-range, at better then 115 mph. Cartek customers Brent Grigsby Romolo Cifelli, Mark Ramos and Adam Brandt were also on-hand as well, along with a few others to "Run-what-ya-brung-and-hope-you-brung-enough" for the competition.

Some serious Vette Doctors customers were in attendance to meet the Cartek boys in the usual friendly rivalry fashion. In fact, it was Bill Maloney who was the main man backing up The Vette Doctors boys with his 382 cubic-inch, nitrous sniffing 1997 Corvette. Though, there have been comments that the engine is over the 400-cube mark, Vette Doctor co-owner Carmen Melillo emphatically states it's only 382 cubic inches. Whatever it is, the numbers it produces are very impressive. Also for the record, it was told that the big, bad, black machine wasn't inhaling from the little blue bottle for this event, "the bottle was empty," stated Carmen as he and Bill just wanted to get some preliminary runs in and get the car sorted out for future competition. Bill's ET's ranged in the 11.40 to 12.70 area, because of some possible fuel pump issues. Another indication of this problem was the 104-126 mph variance during the runs, because the car was shutting down in 4th gear on several of the passes. But, rest assured any and all problems were probably sorted out days after the event. No matter the case, Bill's car laid down some very impressive numbers for a car with issues, and Bill still set down one of the fastest ETs of the day and held the record for the best mph at the start of the event.

To combat "Boweryboy," the Cartek boys were all running some serious numbers as well. Brent and Mark were knocking out 11.40s and .50s, at anywhere from 120 to 122 mph with Mark's '99 hardtop and Brent's '02 Z06. Both cars and owners have previously posted times in the 11.0 range at 125 mph, at other tracks. Though Mark had no issues this day, except for a lack of traction, Brent's car was suffering from a loss of 3rd gear synchros in his car's transmission. Romolo, like Bill Driber, was also on the "shakedown" band wagon, trying to get a grip on his 458 rwhp head-and-cammed 1999 Nassau Blue hardtop. As it stood, Romolo was only given a chance to harness his beast on two passes. His best pass of the day was an 11.86, at 122 mph, then he was ejected from the competition, because of a lack of 6-point monkey bar in his machine. Adam ran far into the competition with his top-halved, 346-cubed '97 coupe, having gone the most rounds during eliminations, but finally beating himself by breaking out of his 12.0 dial-in and running out the back door with an 11.86, at 119 mph.

Other impressive showings for the day include the event's own John Mackey laying down a string of impressive passes, all in the 11.60-range, at better then 116 mph. John, being the experienced racer he is, was cutting lights in the low-to-mid .500 area. Mackey was finally taken out in the 3rd round of eliminations, by none other then himself, when he left to the tune of a .471 red-light, giving John Policastro and his '97 C5 and easy win, and spot in the 4th round of competition. On the subject of reaction times, a quick shout-out has to go to Anthony Pugliese, from Caldwell, NJ and his 1977 Corvette. Anthony held the reaction time record for the day, when he started the clocks on the last yellow bulb with a .505 reaction time. Very impressive to say the least. Congrats Anthony.

As time trials came to an end, all participants had their dial-ins set. It was going to be a dash for the gold, or trophy in this case, by all. By the time 5th round eliminations were at hand, there were two pair ups with our own Edgar Perez squaring off against Jamison, PA resident Tony Buonassisi and his low 13-second 1996 Corvette. Perez took the win from Buonassisi when he ran a 12.508, on a 12.46 dial in, vs. Tony's "on-the-money" pass of 13.143, on a dial in of 13.14. It came to better reaction times, as Edgar pulled a .620 light to Tony's .678. That margin in a bracket race can mean the win, obviously. There was no "win-to-be-taken" during the other match race of round five competition. East Meadow, New Yorker Vic Gandhi, also played that unfortunate song of beating himself when he red-lighted against Bill Wilson, from Columbia, MD. This just wasn't Vic's round in any aspect, as he also ran under his dial in, posting a 13.124, on a 13.27 dial. Bill also ran under his dial, stopping the clocks with a time of 13.842, on a dial in of 13.85. Bill Driber, of Burlington, NJ got to run solo this round, posting a time of 13.513, well above his 13.00 dial in.

So, for the three final contestants we had Perez, Driber and Wilson in round six. This time around Perez faced off against Driber. Edgar was able to put Bill on the trailer with the help of a red light on Bill's part, when he started the clocks on a reaction time of .498 to Perez's .534. A .498 had to hurt, just ever so slightly on the wrong side of a perfect light. Edgar still ran a 12.492, on a 12.47 dial in, while Bill knocked out an "also under" ET of 13.308, on a dial in of 13.40. Wilson was the one on his own during this round. He still ran it close to his dial in when he posted a 13.901, on a dial of 13.83.

It was now the final round, two men and two cars squaring off for the win. The burnouts were done and both man and machine combos staged. The lights came down first for Bill, as he was the slower car and this is bracket racing at it's best. On the last amber bulb, Wilson left with a reaction time of .593, not too long after Edgar was let lose and reacted in .556 of a second. Perez was doing all he could to real Bill in and cross the beams first. But alas, it wasn't meant to be this time for Perez, as he bested his dial in by .019 of a second, running a 12.461 on a 12.48 dial. Bill got the win with a time of 13.873, with the dial in on his window reading 13.83. It was a clean win and some great racing.

Wilson is a member of Corvette-Troy (Ohio) and Corvette Club of America (DC area) and has been into Corvettes since 1973, which is when he joined his first club, the Corvette-Troy club. Since then, Bill has owned six Corvettes in total, the white 1994 LT1 auto car he raced at this event prominently displayed the fact for all to see, as it's plate reads "SWT 6TH." For the most part this car is a stocker and a daily driver. Bill has only added a KN Air Filter, 180 degree thermostat, Hypertech Programmer and BFG Drag Radials for some consistency. Wilson doesn't really have any major plans in the works for the car, as he states; "I drive the '94 on the street a great deal and even take it on vacation to places like Myrtle Beach so it's doubtful I'll make any big changes to the car, I 'm just looking to make it as consistent as possible in the drags and fun to drive on the street." Bill, his girlfriend Jane Pino and fellow Corvette Club member Ernie King all made the trek from the MD area for some fun and competitive racing and a chance to spend a day making new friends into the same thing we're all into-Corvettes. "I really looked forward to the chance to race against other Corvettes and Corvette owners, as my enjoyment truly lies in drag racing my car, especially since I was never too good at auto-crossing, but it was fun to try," says Wilson. He also wanted to say, "I want to thank all the other competitors who have sent me E-mails and stopped by to shake my hand that night. It was great to win but the whole event was made even better by everyone sharing in the victory with me and Jane. I also want to say how this was such a great event! It was well run and had a very friendly atmosphere."

Well, here you have the highlights for the 2nd Cartek Corvette Challenge race of the season. You don't want to miss the 3rd, which will be on Saturday, June 29th, 2002, at Raceway Park If you were unfortunate enough to have missed the first two events, you simply can't miss the 3rd, or the seven remaining events that will follow, as the Series has a total of 10 races. All the dates can be found on the and on web sites.

Written by Abraham Bergian


Edgar's Pics and Jay's Pics (High resolution versions available by e-mailing the webmaster with a link to the picture you want)

Ladder for Event 2

Many awards and prizes were given out to the drivers courtesy of the sponsors.

  • Event winner Bill Wilson went home with $200 cash and gift certificates for a free dyno tuning session at Cartek Racing and a $100 gift certificate for $100 from Pro Torque and the Event Winner Shore Motorsports sponsored Trophy. Shore Motorsports is located in Howell, NJ and can be reached at 732-370-2067 or on the web at Cartek Racing is in Garwood, NJ and can be reached at 908-317-4496 or on the web at
  • Runner up Edgar Perez went home with $100 cash, a $50 gift certificate from Pro Torque, the "Money Back Runner Up Award" for $20 cash from Boweryboy Racing and the event Runner-up Vette Doctors sponsored Trophy. The Vette Doctors are located in Amityville, NY and can be reached at 631-841-0779 or on the web at
  • Bill Driber was the sole semi-finalist and won $50 cash.
  • All winners of the first round were awarded a trophy sponsored by CFM Racing. With 79 cars making first round that means that Chris, Frank and Mike gave out 40 first round trophies.
  • Tony Buonassisi won Closest to Dial Award by running a 13.088 on a 13.08 dial. Tony received a beautiful gift package from Walden Farms filled with low calorie low carbohydrate products. You can purchase Walden Farms products at local grocery stores or on the web at
  • Louis Vernarelli won the "Ohh so Close Award" when his 57 Vette (that is right a C1) was edged out in the first round by a mere 13/10,000ths (.0013) of a second. For losing first round by the smallest Margin of Victory, Louis earned a Zaino starter package that includes Z1, Z2, Z6, Z7 and a polish pad. Unfortunately Louis left before collecting his prize. In the future if you earn a prize we would prefer you stay to the end of the race for a presentation but if you cannot, let us know so we can capture a photo of the presentation. Zaino products can be purchased online at or at Shore Motorsports on Route 9 in Howell.
  • Jason Cuniff won the Almost Perfect Award by losing in the first round the red light closest to .500. Tony's light was .498 and for that he earned a $50 gift certificate to the Raceway Park Souvenir store donated by Roy Johnson of Roybuilt Racing. Jason also left before collecting his prize.
  • Tony Pugliese won the John Panuzzo Jr. Memorial Trophy" donated by Team Panuzzo Racing for the best reaction time in the first round in his Orange 1977 C3 Corvette. Tony went on to the quarter finals where he lost to eventual runner-up Edgar Perez. Congratulation Tony.

Ohh so Close award winner Louis Vernarelli in his 57 C1.The Corvette Challenge is a series for all Corvette owners regardless of experience and year of their Corvette. While the majority of the cars are C5 and C4 models, we saw a dozen C3 models, 3 C2 models and TWO C1's at this event.

The Corvette Challenge is in its 4th year and is made possible thanks to the help of its sponsors. The 2002 sponsors are . The officers for the series are John Mackey, Dennis Kazimir, Edgar Perez and Bob Trieschmann. For additional information and pictures and videos, please visit

Points Standings

The points race did not change too much from Event1 to Event2 as Edgar Perez went to the finals to maintain the number one position. As of now the top 4 eligible drivers to participate in the 22nd ANNUAL P.C. RICHARD SON ALL AMERICAN JET CAR NATIONALS at Raceway Park Wednesday night July 31,2002 are
  1. Edgar Perez 16
  2. Jack Schwarzwalder 11
  3. Aaron Askenback 10
  4. Vic Gandhi 9
Visit to see the complete points standings.

Cartek Corvette Challenge helps Toys for Teens and Tots

A 50/50 raffle was held at the track and the proceeds were donated to the Toys for Teens & Tots fund. The winner of the 50/50 was Miss Theresa Savarese, Ralph's daughter. Theresa will also answer to the name "The Cub". The 50/50 will be held at each of the Cartek Corvette Challenges this year. Please see Jaymie Shuleski in the staging lanes if she does not find you first. You do not have to be a racer to participate. Raceway Park officer, Tim, thanks the Corvette Challenge racers and fans for supporting the Toys for Teens and Tots. Thank you for your continued support.

Written by Edgar Perez

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